Supporting Small Scotland: No. 6 Gist Jewellery

Welcome to the 6th in the series, where we shine a light on our inspiring Scottish artisans who bring you the treasures inside WeeBox.

This month we are proud to bring you award-winning Gist Jewellery, founded in 2015 by Karen, who creates stunning handmade jewellery using her signature Scottish wool balls.  The result is wearable, contemporary jewellery with the real ‘feel’ of Scotland.

We caught up with Karen to discover more about her inspiration and what she loves about Scotland  ….

“Well it’s not the weather for sure, but what I do know is we have the cutest cows in the world! Growing up in the Perthshire area, all the natural things of the countryside inspired me … from the perfect way a thistle forms like an architectural design to the Meikleour Beech Hedge, which was a stones throw from our house. It is the world’s largest hedge and was once classed as one of the seven wonders of the world. I always remember driving past and just looking at it reaching up into the sky.

When I was little, out on my push bike, I would stop and pet the cows.  I would pick the little wool tuffs caught on the fence and play with them. I loved the feeling of the fibre. Maybe that’s why my decision to use wool in my designs was a natural one. 

Why the name “Gist Jewellery”? Well, I am very modest in what I do.  People would ask about my job and I usually reply “I just make jewellery”.  When asked about the inspiration behind incorporating wool, I always explain the gist of my initial idea was that, if I was going to make jewellery, it needed to be unique. Wool would be perfect as it gave the jewellery a different look and it reminded me of tweeds and tartans through the texture.

So the name “Gist Jewellery” stuck, and I love it”

Karen (2nd from left) enjoying VE Day celebrations this year with her own Afternoon Tea!

Gist Jewellery is now based in a barn conversion studio in Fenwick, East Ayrshire and can be found in select independent gift shops across the UK, highlands and islands, as well as all the Visit Scotland Shops …

… not to mention, inside your August WeeBox!

Karen has created an exclusive bracelet just for our WeeBox Clan – look out for this stunning piece to wear while hosting you own Scottish Afternoon Tea experience wherever you are in the world.

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To say ‘thank you’, Karen would also like to offer you a discount 

Use DISCOUNT CODE: WEEBOX20 for 20% off across all products on the Gist Jewellery website (valid until end Sept 2020)

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