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The January ‘Je Suis Prest 2024’ WeeBox

Start 2024 right with a WeeBox brimming with gifts to inspire your new year’s resolutions and get you through Droughtlander!

*”I am ready”, Clan Fraser Moto

The Outlander ‘Je Suis Prest 2024’ WeeBox

The perfect Christmas gift to you or your loved one!  This WeeBox sings the anthem of readiness. It’s not just about resolutions; it’s about crafting affirmations that make our heart sing, embracing the spirit of Jamie Fraser himself – steadfast, resilient and ready for whatever 2024 has in store for us. It’s also a Droughtlander survival kit filled with distractions and inspirations to tide us over till our Highland heroes return.

Shipping in January, you won’t want to miss this WeeBox, lovingly packed with:

5 gifts worth far more than the cost of the WeeBox

– The WeeBlether Magazine brimming with stories from Scotland’s best journalists

– The WeeSounds soundtrack

– Free Andy the Highlander virtual tour

– plus exclusive discounts from our Scottish makers … extraordinary  value!!

WeePeek No. 1

Je Suis Prest Clan Necklace

RRP £21.95

“You are safe… You have my name and my family, my clan” – Jamie Fraser (Outlander, Diana Gabaldon)

Channel your inner Fraser with this symbolic necklace declaring “I am Ready” for whatever challenges and triumphs the new year brings. Crafted entirely of pewter and handmade, Art Pewter are also experts in the Scottish Clan Crests, approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.  Wear it proudly and as a timeless reminder of determination and preparedness embodied by the iconic Scottish clan.

WeePeek No.2

Mrs Graham’s Shortbread

“You have had an extraordinary adventure Claire… One that few people could imagine.” – Mrs Graham (Outlander, TV Series)

Introducing Mrs Graham’s Shortbread, a delectable tribute to the beloved Outlander character, ready to welcome you to 2024 just like Mrs Graham welcomed Claire back from her Highland adventure. Your Piece Bakery has drawn on generations of Scottish baking to create this delicious shortbread, which is an exclusive for our WeeBox Clan!


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