The WeeBox Story

The warmest welcome to WeeBox and thank you for joining us on our journey!

Your WeeBox was born from a passion to spread Scottish joy and bring our glorious land a wee bit closer – whether you are a Scot abroad, of Scottish heritage or just dream of visiting one day, WeeBox is for you.

Spreading Scottish Happiness

Amy shipped the 1st WeeBox in January 2017.  Since then, Amy has spread Scottish happiness to over 25 countries, won 6 international awards and helped over 300 small, Scottish makers reach a global audience.  Not to mention lovingly caring for her global WeeBox Clan subscribers and creating an inspiring community of like-minded Scots and Scots-at-heart.

How It Began

When WeeBox Founder, Amy McCusker, tried to send her brother Scottish gifts from home after his move to Australia in 2016, she discovered it wasn’t so easy! Scottish hampers did not have the quality or range of products that she knew she would handpick. So, she set to work with her husband Gerard and 3 wee boys to lovingly design and curate a ‘wee box’ of Scottish joy From this WeeBox was born!

Scottish Makers

Our Scottish makers that create your WeeBox gifts are everything and we hand select the best to bring you Scottish joy! Our ‘Support Small Scotland’ series shines a light on them each month, with the aim of lifting the lid on their incredible work.

Our Sustainability Commitment

We take our commitment to Scotland’s environment seriously too, ensuring we drive electric cars, minimise waste and single-use packaging. WeeBox is made from 100% recycled cardboard and postage bags are 100% compostable too.

What’s Inside?

5 bonnie gifts and treasures worth more than the cost of the box, often exclusive and can’t be bought outside of Scotland!

  • 5 gifts and treasures

  • Often a delicious treat

  • Can’t buy outside of Scotland

  • WeeBlether magazine to explain the
    journey gifts take you on

Giving Back

We also support many Scottish charities and at this unprecedented time, it’s never been more important. Take a peek at just some of the charities we have supported through donations and fundraising.

Our WeeBox Clan Love Us

Join our 50,000 strong, global WeeBox clan on our channels for giveaways, exclusive WeePeeks inside and all the blether!
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