Scottish Wild Picnics – An Al Fresco Feast for All the Senses

Jean Donaldson, owner and founder of Scottish Wild Picnics, reveals the inspiration behind this innovative company’s unique take on dining outdoors in the wonderful wilds of Scotland

Our small but perfectly formed team create wild and splendid picnics throughout Scotland, but with a special fondness for Argyll and the West Coast. It was my passion for picnics that was the catalyst to start my own business and share that love with others.

Marrying a love of all things vintage with delicious food, innovative desserts and the wild, passionate landscapes of Scotland, Scottish Wild Picnics aims to give you an experience of a lifetime!

Being born in Glasgow meant a lot of trips to the West Coast of Scotland, instilling determination that nothing would stand in the way of a great picnic – rain, sleet, your mum shouting over the gales about what a lovely time you were all having! We could picnic anywhere, at any time. I got older and wiser. I still loved a good picnic, but the elements of how I picknicked began to change. I started to explore the sandwich in exotic forms, and how I could transport fiddly puddings to the middle of nowhere. Then I wondered how I could ‘weatherproof’ a picnic. From these curiosities, Scottish Wild Picnics was born.

Scottish Wild Picnics wants to give you incredible picnic experiences that will live in your memories forever. We want to make them not only stylish but wild, delicious, luxurious and fun. So snuggle together in cosy blankets, sip fine teas, coffees, or Scottish cordials and craft sodas. Eat the best, most innovative picnic fare while Scotland shows you her tremendous weather and beauty. Nourish your soul and your taste buds at the same time!

Scottish Wild Picnics can do this all for a romantic couples’ adventure or small family and friends groups, and we’re delighted to be providing a bespoke wild picnic in The Hermitage forest as part of WeeBox’s competition!