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From luxurious Scottish brands to pamper you to award winning Scottish designers and iconic brands, WeeBox isn’t all ‘tartan and bagpipes’!

WeeBox is delivered straight to your door, hand wrapped in local, Scottish newspaper so you can even take a wee peek at the headlines.

Each box is sourced to connect you with Scotland and what might be happening that month on our bonnie shores – helping you to feel proud and get involved.

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Blether (Ble-thir) Dialect, chiefly Scots - verb affectionate word for engaging in conversation, cosy chit chat (“ah met yer granny and had a richt guid blether!”). This is the perfect companion to your WeeBox unboxing experience.

8th November 2023
Song Sets the Stage – Auld Lang Syne
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8th November 2023
Success is Sweet for the Master of the Craft
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8th November 2023
Celebrate Roots of Scottish Revelery
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