‘We’d Love to Go and Renew our Vows at Gretna Green’

You, our WeeBox Clan, are at the heart of everything we do. We love to hear from you, and we caught up with Jennifer Mulligan, from Florida, who has been with the Clan since January 2021.

Tell us about your connection with Scotland

My husband and I knew when we were growing up we had a connection to Scotland. We did some research and discovered our families’ ancestors came from a town outside Edinburgh.

What is your romantic connection with Scotland?

At our wedding we made sure to celebrate the occasion by including Scottish heritage. When 2021’s February WeeBox arrived and it included the special statue, it reminded us of our wedding cape topper. We then went and had some photos done and re-created our own version.

Jennifer and her husband’s romantic photo

Where in Scotland do you think is especially romantic?

Well, we have not had the pleasure to visit yet, but we hope to travel within the next year to celebrate our 20th anniversary. We both believe this would be an amazing place not only to celebrate and do a little bit more research on our ancestors, but also because the culture and landscape is so rich in history and tradition, we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate. We would love to go and renew our vows at Gretna Green and visit the Isle of Skye, a place we have always wanted to go. We have a photo in our bedroom that always reminds us that eventually we will get there.

How do you unbox your WeeBox each month?

Every month when our WeeBox comes we wait until the entire family can get together. We love seeing all the different things that are inside. Sometimes it leads to a good game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to decide who gets what item!

What do you love most about WeeBox?

We love that we get to see some WeePeeks each month but that we also get surprised with the other items that are within the box. It always manages to fit the theme so perfectly!