The WeeBox Clan Big Burns Night In

Settle in WeeBox Clan, we have all you need to bring Scotland’s greatest celebration to your home!

On January 25th 1759, Robert Burns was born in Alloway, a small town in South Ayrshire, Scotland.  He would go on to become Scotland’s national poet.  So beloved, that over 200 years later, he is still celebrated on his birthday across the globe – now more than ever!

It is a time to revel in all that is Scottish, recite Burns poetry and come together to eat, drink and of course be merry! 2021 will be very different, but here at WeeBox we never want you to miss an opportunity to enjoy Scottish happiness so have created a guide and ‘ye are well bidden* tae oor Big Burns Night In’! (*invited)

The Immortal Memory, a wee bit o’history

“Perhaps it may turn out a sang,  Perhaps turn out a sermon” Burns

The first official Burns Supper was actually in July, the date of the Bard’s death when the poet’s friends came together to celebrate his life, with the intention ‘to offer tribute to the memory of a departed genius’. From this, the tradition of holding the Burns Supper on January 25th began in 1803.  It didn’t take long for the celebration to extend beyond Scotland, reaching the US and Canada by 1820.  

Today, the Burns Supper still has Rabbie at its core but many take the opportunity to celebrate all that is glorious about Scottish culture and tradition – while having lots of laughs.

Create your own Brigadoon!

“From scenes like these old Scotia’s grandeur springs” Burns

Setting the scene at home is half the fun!  Try creating lots of ambience with candlelight, tartan, thistle and red rose centrepieces and of course a well laid table brimming over with a Scottish feast.  

Your bonnie wee ceramic bothy inside the January WeeBox is the perfect addition to your table.  Pop in a tealight and let it cast its warm glow on your Burns table.  To welcome guests, hang your January WeeBox ‘Welcome to the Herd’ highland cow sign at your front door – sure to bring a smile!

Music, poetry and piping are the most important ingredients to your Big Burns Night In, so to make this as easy as possible, we have created the perfect playlist to complement the running order of your Burns Supper (see further below this blether).

Now, what to wear?  Don your best tartan or tweed and for the laddies … a kilt of course! 

Whichever outfit you choose, Scottish jewellery accents are the finishing touch.  The perfect piece  will be your bonnie handmade Glencoe necklace by Scottish designer Gracie J featured in your January WeeBox.

The Chief of Scotia’s food, your Bill o’Fare

“Great Cheiftan o’ the pudding race”

Savouring Scotland’s excellent food and drink is one of the highlights of the Burns Supper.  

It is customary to serve three courses and here are our suggestions for inspiration.

Scottish Starters 

Cullen Skink – the most indulgent warm chowder

Smoked salmon with dill and oatcakes

The Haggis!

“The king of food, a glorious Haggis” Burns

The haggis is the main event at a Burns Supper – if you can catch one that is!  We would never attempt to make one from scratch, so definitely recommend buying your haggis (the best quality you can)Serve with neeps and tatties (mashed turnips and mashed potato), the buttery the better and our favourite, whisky cream sauce 

Pudding and Cheese Board

Cranachan – a Scottish favourite, this is toasted oats doused in whisky with raspberries, honey and whipped cream

Rustle up your favourite cheeses (of course all the better if Scottish!) with oatcakes and a touch of quince. Often described on Scottish menus as ‘kebbuck an’bannocks’ 

Either of these can be topped with your exclusive Ross’s ‘Tae a Moose’ sugar mice for sparkle and fun, featured inside January’s WeeBox.

Now to the whisky! 

“Freedom and Whisky gang thegither” Burns

A Burns Supper must be one that the great man himself would have enjoyed, so a dram or two is a must!  Alternatively, a non-alcoholic option could be a wee glass of our other national drink, IRN-BRU.

The WeeBox Clan Big Burns Night In Soundtrack and Running Order

“Hale be your heart, hale be your fiddle” Burns

Unlike other dinners, there is a traditional ‘running order’ to the Burns Supper.  You can have fun enlisting family members to take the lead on different parts.  

Here is our ‘simplified’ guide to having your Burns Supper at hame* (*home) accompanied by your WeeBox Spotify playlist bursting with piping, poetry and song:

Piping in the Table and Welcome:  For your celebration at home, the Spotify playlist kicks off with piping music to pipe you and your guests to the table.  Once seated, and you have welcomed your guests, play the next few atmospheric songs as drinks and chatter are enjoyed.  

The Selkirk Grace:  Essentially this is ‘grace before meals’ and is recited next for you on the Spotify playlist

Scottish Starter:  While you enjoy your starter, play the next song

Pipe in the Haggis:  Piping music has been included here while you proudly bring in your haggis “great cheiftan of the pudding race”

Address to a Haggis – Andy Stewart give a lively recital for you next

Music and Entertainment:  Here play the next few songs which celebrate Burns poetry and music.  You and your guests could also recite favourites from your ‘Burns for Every Day of the Year’ book exclusively inside your January WeeBox

Ceilidh Dancing:  Why not enjoy a wee dance with the Dashing White Sergeant 

Auld Lang Syne:  Finally end your Burns Supper with a resounding rendition of Flower of Scotland and Auld Lang Syne (perhaps Burns’ most famous contribution to the world!)

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Slàinte mhath our amazing WeeBox Clan. We will be toasting you and hope you thoroughly enjoy your WeeBox Clan Big Burns Night In!

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