Legendary Hogmanay

Only one nation can celebrate the New Year, or Hogmanay with such passion – the Scots! It is the BIGGEST party of the year and WeeBox has everything you need to ‘First Foot’ like a real Scot …… wherever you are in the world!

Hogmanay celebrations are legendary across the globe. So, to help you bring that Scottish magic to wherever you are, WeeBox has curated a box to help you gie it laldie!

The Hogmanay bells have struck midnight, so pass around yer WeeBox ‘Auld Lang Syne’ song sheets and join in the legendary Scottish sing-a-long! Robert Burns, world famous Scottish poet, published his version of this auld Scots song in 1788. Arguably, there can be few songs more frequently sung throughout the world, perhaps only ‘Happy Birthday to you’ exceeds its popularity.

So, what is ‘first footing’? Superstition dating back to Viking days has it, that whoever comes through yer door first on Hogmanay can bring good or bad luck. A tall, dark haired man is very good luck .. but a big, blonde Viking stranger arriving on yer doorstep spelled trouble! ‘First footing’ is still common in Scotland, so don your WeeBox beanie hat, fill your exclusive hipflask with whisky and set off to bring your host the WeeBox bag o’coal (to warm your host’s fire!) and delicious Dalgetty shortbread to toast 2018!

Finally, settle down on Ne’er Day, pour a wee dram and enjoy reading Clan MacScotch & The Angel’s Share to gie ye a grin and forget yer drouth, Happy 2018!

WeeBox wishes you and your kin a Happy Hogmanay and a braw 2018!