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Be swept away to the land that inspired Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander! Embark on a journey with stunning Scottish gifts that salute the series. May’s ‘Outlander Inspired’ WeeBox brings the essence of Scotland to your home with treasures to wear, taste and smell to be transported back in time.

This WeeBox always SELLS OUT, so be quick to get yours!

WeePeek No.1:

We are proud to bring you this stunning standing stones necklace from Hamilton and Young. Engraved with the traditional Celtic symbols found on ancient standing stones, graves and monuments across Scotland, they evoke meaning passed from former generations.

From Celtic interlacing which represents the ‘ups and down’ of life, to the tri-part designs which symbolise both the binding of mind, body and soul and the forces of nature in earth, sea and sky.

This pendant can bring you closer to your forbearers and give you the feeling of peace, stability and harmony, a oneness with all things.

(pewter pendant, adjustable black cord necklet, measures approx 25ins, comes in several similar, but slightly different designs, which one will you get?)

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