The Perfect Whisky Tasting Experience

Dreaming of Scotland? This May, WeeBox brings bonnie Scotland closer creating the perfect whisky tasting experience and saluting World Whisky Day. Slainte ?!

Whisky has been the muse of many a writer, an escape for many a politician and the inspiration of many a film star.

“Too much of anything is bad. But too much whisky is never enough” Mark Twain 

The ‘definitive glass for whisky’!

Looking for the perfect glass? Look no further than the official Glencairn whisky glass. Years of testing and developing has resulted in perfection.

The Glencairn Glass was created with 5 components in mind to provide you with the perfect whisky drinking experience.   It is recognised as the ‘definitive glass for whisky’ and was awarded The Queens Award for Innovation.

With its gently curved bowl that fits comfortably in the hand, tapered sides rising to a smaller nose-sized aperture and a heavy base that makes it difficult to knock over, the Glencairn has the perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing looks and serious nosing functionality … while also carrying sufficient heft from its crystal glass to feel good in the hand.  The definitive tasting glass of the last decade, this is a modern design classic of its genre.

‘Slainte’ Whisky Wood coaster – perfect fit for your Glencairn glass

Handcrafted from whisky barrels in the Highlands, the wood is infused with whisky fragrance and each piece carries a distinct fingerprint so you can be sure yours in one of a kind.   Whisky Wood’ are great WeeBox friends and source all of their whisky barrels from local distilleries.  They take great care to preserve as much of the character of the whisky barrel staves as possible to make your piece a unique and beautiful addition to your home.

Take a journey through whisky country ….. 

Ever wondered where your favourite wee dram comes from in Scotland? This beautiful Scottish whisky map from ‘Art by the Loch’ was created to be the perfect size for your purple WeeBox.  Your  Scotch Whisky book takes you on a journey of discovery too, not to mention your ‘Lost Distillery’ tasting card to help you navigate your dram.

In the last century, almost one hundred of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries have been closed or destroyed.  This accounts for nearly half of all distilleries that have ever existed in Scotland. Global economic downturn, over-production, world wars and prohibition have all contributed to the loss of so many distilleries. Until now …. The Lost Distillery offers the award winning rebirth of Scotland’s Lost Whisky Legends.   Each of the expressions represent a different distillery with its own unique story and taste profile. 

To celebrate #WorldWhiskyDay, Lost Distillery whisky expert, Ewan has ‘unboxed’ your May Whisky Experience WeeBox – WeeBox HQ is  honoured and watch this space for the braw video!! 

Evoke the scent and spirit of Scotland 

So, finally, light your peat incense on your stone burner, pour your favourite dram, sit back and dream of Scotland


Slainte from all at WeeBox HQ ????????