Romance of Scotland

Anyone who knows Scotland, knows it’s the most romantic place on earth! From the passionate Highlands to the passion of Robert Burns love poems, Scotland is full of romantic places and to salute February, the month of love, WeeBox brings that romance to wherever you are.

My love is like a red, red, rose …
To help you create the perfect romantic atmosphere, WeeBox has teamed up with luxury Gold Hart candles, selecting this very special ‘Wild Rose’ scent. Inspired by the ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ wild rose of Scotland, this royal blended bouquet of velvet petals & rosehip oil is truly indulgent. You may remember their ‘Shore’ scent included in your Isle of Harris WeeBox last year – well, it was so popular that we knew we had to bring you that Gold Hart luxury again.

WeeBox 💜’s Gracie J!
WeeBox HQ met Jackie, the owner and creative behind Gracie J jewellery and we just knew our subscribers would adore her stunning work! You will love to wear or gift this beautifully handmade bracelet straight from the Scottish Borders with purple hues to reflect the ancient Scottish heather that grows there. Just for you, a special discount to WeeBox subscribers also included! Not only will you be supporting a local, Scottish business, but you will love their unique designer pieces.

Which Scottish “Love Badge” did you get?
Do you remember ‘Love Heart’ sweeties as a bairn? Well, WeeBox brings you our own Scottish version by Glasgow designer genius, Lisa Donati! ‘Pure Stoater’*, ‘Ye Dancin’?’*, ‘Awrite Doll’*, ‘Gonnae No Dae That’*, ‘Ye Blether’* … just some of the Scottish phrases for true romantics and some for the less romantic Scots oot there too!! Which one did you get?

100 Scottish Love Poems
The best collection WeeBox HQ could find! Immerse yourself in traditional and modern Scottish verse and be transported to inspiring, romantic Scotland.

A wee breakfast in bed?
What’s more romantic! Exclusive to WeeBox, Pipsqueak Preserves has created a twist on traditional Scottish marmalade by adding a splash of champagne! Handcrafted in Glasgow, create a special breakfast for you or the one you love.

* ‘Pure Stoater’ – someone who is fantastic, excellent, handsome, beautiful. Undiluted joy!
* ‘Ye Dancin’?’ – fancy a wee dance with me?
* ‘Awrite Doll’ – a term of endearment used to talk to a pretty girl / doll face
* ‘Gonnae No Dae That’ – don’t do that! Wee phrase often associated with a sketch in Scottish genius comedy, “Chewin’ the fat” (a must watch!!)
* ‘Ye Blether’ – someone who babbles on, talks nonsense!

Scotland’s Greatest Celebration

Happy Birthday to our national Scottish Bard, Robert Burns!

Scotland and the world celebrate his birthday on the 25th January with whisky, haggis, poetry and song.  This month, WeeBox HQ was honoured to collaborate with the Centre for Robert Burns Studies at the University of Glasgow to bring you a very special Burns WeeBox.  And we have a real treat for you! Here is Dr. Pauline Mackay, Lecturer in Robert Burns Studies, unboxing your Burns WeeBox giving a magical insight into the man, the gifts and how to salute his birthday like a real Scot! Enjoy! #CheerstoRabbie 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃


Legendary Hogmanay

Only one nation can celebrate the New Year, or Hogmanay with such passion – the Scots! It is the BIGGEST party of the year and WeeBox has everything you need to ‘First Foot’ like a real Scot …… wherever you are in the world!

Hogmanay celebrations are legendary across the globe. So, to help you bring that Scottish magic to wherever you are, WeeBox has curated a box to help you gie it laldie!

The Hogmanay bells have struck midnight, so pass around yer WeeBox ‘Auld Lang Syne’ song sheets and join in the legendary Scottish sing-a-long! Robert Burns, world famous Scottish poet, published his version of this auld Scots song in 1788. Arguably, there can be few songs more frequently sung throughout the world, perhaps only ‘Happy Birthday to you’ exceeds its popularity.

So, what is ‘first footing’? Superstition dating back to Viking days has it, that whoever comes through yer door first on Hogmanay can bring good or bad luck. A tall, dark haired man is very good luck .. but a big, blonde Viking stranger arriving on yer doorstep spelled trouble! ‘First footing’ is still common in Scotland, so don your WeeBox beanie hat, fill your exclusive hipflask with whisky and set off to bring your host the WeeBox bag o’coal (to warm your host’s fire!) and delicious Dalgetty shortbread to toast 2018!

Finally, settle down on Ne’er Day, pour a wee dram and enjoy reading Clan MacScotch & The Angel’s Share to gie ye a grin and forget yer drouth, Happy 2018!

WeeBox wishes you and your kin a Happy Hogmanay and a braw 2018!

A very Scottish Christmas

A warm, Scottish family Christmas ….. that’s what we’ve curated for you to celebrate with a WeeBox brimming with Scottish Christmas joy! Create family memories that will last forever, with Scottish traditions old and new.

Recreate fond memories of yer granny’s Christmas clootie dumpling!
The Christmas WeeBox is proud to bring you the Scottish family bakers Alex Dalgetty & Son’s famous clootie dumpling – founded in the 1800’s. They make their dumplings from scratch and steamed for several hours in their Scotch ovens which are 120 years old! This ensures that the full flavour of the original recipe is retained.

“We stay true to the traditions of the bakery, using high quality ingredients and traditional recipes to create world famous products.” The name ‘clootie’ comes from the cloth, or ‘cloot’ in Scots and we searched Scotland to bring you the finest! So why not bring it hame to your own family and keep the tradition alive.

Since we shipped our Christmas WeeBox, we’ve had many subscribers tell us that they’ve never heard of a clootie dumpling! So it is our great honour to share a wee bit more here. The clootie dumpling is a moreish, spiced pudding made with sultanas, cherries, raisins and vegetable suet, wrapped in a cloth and simmered in water for a good wee while. Best served with cream, custard or even ice-cream, your clootie should be piping hot and steaming.

Scottish grannys used to hide pennies inside and lucky lads and lassies would search for the prize! There’s no tradition of setting the dumpling alight with brandy (or even whisky) as we Scots like to keep the dram in the glass!

Your Christmas WeeBox is all about bringing a touch of Scotland to your Christmas celebrations wherever you are. So, while you’re cooking up your Christmas feast, your festive, red Royal Stewart tartan tea-towel will be a reminder of Scotland to grace your hame over the winter festivals!

What could be more Christmassy than the luxurious scent of frankincense and myrrh? Brought to you by Shearer Candles, proud Scottish family candlemakers since 1897, this rich Arabian fragrance combines oils of precious woods, spices, musk and vanilla, perfect for creating a welcoming aroma for yer pals and kin.

O’ yon Christmas Tree!
Trim your tree with a beautiful, tartan thistle decoration to evoke memories of hame and the WeeBox thistle, of course! You may not know this, but Christmas in Scotland was until recent times very low key and in fact didn’t become a public holiday until 1958! Nevertheless, the Scots have made up for lost time and a Scottish family Christmas is joyous, warm and full of fun!

Finally, pour a wee dram, light your candle and take a moment for yer kin
Share Scotland with your WeeBox luxury Christmas cards and wish your kinfolk Yuletide love!

WeeBox wishes you and your kin a very Merry, Scottish Christmas….. wherever you are!


St Andrews Day 2017

We Scots love to party, and there’s no better time to do that than St. Andrew’s Day – Scotland’s national day celebrated on 30 November! This month, WeeBox is brimming with Scottish gifts curated to help you and your guests celebrate like a Scot!

Celebrating is what Scots and Scots-at-heart are famous for. This St. Andrew’s Day there will be parties galore and WeeBox has all you need to make your St. Andrew’s Dinner the best shindig ever.

Bring on the food!

Why not go all out this year and prepare a Scottish feast for your friends and family! If you’re a true Scot, you’ll know that Maw Broon, Scotland’s favourite matriarch is the best cook! WeeBox has included her Cookbook to help you create an authentic Scottish family St. Andrew’s Night for you and yours! The Broons are the cartoon characters who’ve entertained Scotland for 80 years and known as ‘the happy Scottish family that makes every family happy’. So jings, crivvens and help ma boab – create your St. Andrew’s feast with a wee hand from the Broons!

What to wear?!

A Scottish party is never complete without traditional tartan dress, kilts, sporrans and a wee touch of heather! And to add that sparkle to your event, the jewel in your St. Andrew’s WeeBox is a stunning gift from leading Scottish jewellery designer, Euan McWhirter!

WeeBox is honoured to bring this exclusive collaboration with Euan McWhirter who has famously dressed the fingers of many celebrities … including Kylie Minogue! Retailing at £35 these luxurious ‘St Andrew’s blue’ earrings will look bonny on you or the lassie in your life! And Euan hasn’t stopped there …. He has included a special discount in your WeeBox for you to own more of your very own Scottish luxury jewellery. Simply visit and use your code – enjoy you lucky WeeBox subscribers!!

Deck the halls!

So, raise the saltire bunting, greet your guests wearing the iconic “See you Jimmy” hat and announce your Scottishness year round with your Scottish flags lapel pin!

And fer the morning after… we have even thought of your wee drouth! Beat the dreaded hangover with this classic Scottish hangover cure – Irn-Bru, the unique nectar of the gods, made in Scotland from girders!

Here’s a few subscribers getting into the spirit #wheresweebox!

Happy St. Andrew’s Day from all at WeeBox! 

Love Letter to Scotland

Epic Scottish scenery, Highland warriors and a love-triangle with a time travelling twist – it can mean only one thing, Outlander! If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will soon. The books and TV series have been compared to a ‘love letter to Scotland’ and this month WeeBox salutes the premiere of Season 3!

“It has always been forever, for me, Sassenach” Jamie, Outlander
The Outlander-inspired WeeBox has been curated to help you create the perfect experience for watching Season 3 unfold ….

Outlander’s heroine, Claire loves a wee dram and WeeBox is saluting her with a beautiful, handcrafted whisky barrel tea light from Whisky Wood Scotland. So pour yersel a whisky and enjoy Jamie and Claire by candlelight!

Acclaimed ‘Scotland in your Pocket’ artist Kevin Hunter has created an enchanted standing stones painting ‘Callandish Moonlight’ to transport you to the mythical Highlands. To make this even more special, our followers voted the painting hands down their favourite on our social channels – a real favourite with Outlander fans and those who just love the ancient mystery of Scotland.

Here at WeeBox HQ, we love to bring you exclusives – designs you can’t buy anywhere else! This month, we do this with a stunning Outlander-inspired cotton bag. Chic with a romantic twist, you’ll look ‘affa bonny’. Perfect for carrying your essentials around the toon!

“A priest once told me my healing skills are a gift from God.” Claire, Outlander
When WeeBox HQ discovered this small, but beautifully formed Outlander quote book which includes Claire’s mortar & pestle she used to heal the sick – we knew we had to have it for you! Perfect to display and enjoy in your home.

Finally, set the candlelight, sip your dram, turn on Outlander and indulge in an exclusive luxury, handmade Scottish tablet we have created for you! Heart-shaped for Claire and Jamie, and wrapped in Fraser Clan tartan ribbon it bears the romance of ‘da mi basia mille’ (Latin for ‘give me a thousand kisses’ and inscribed inside Claire’s wedding ring). So special and even more scrumptious!

Until next month ……. 💜

Slàinte Sassenachs!

Oh, aye, Sassenach get yer Outlander-inspired WeeBox!

We know you love Outlander as much as we do here at WeeBox! That’s why we have curated a very special WeeBox to salute Season 3.  Filled with beautiful Outlander-inspired gifts, this special WeeBox will help you create the perfect experience for watching Season 3 unfold! Watch our Facebook page for more ‘Wee Peeks’ too!


So why not bring the romance of Scotland a little closer – Order your special Outlander-inspired WeeBox TODAY by clicking the thistle button below:

Your WeeBox will be shipped during the 1st week in September and to keep the magic alive, why not make it the first of a WeeBox subscription! Order a 6 or 12 month subscription to keep the magic alive! #nomoreDroughtlander


“I’ve always had a great passion for Scotland and that’s why I love WeeBox. Being part of the Outlander family, I know the WeeBox Clan have put much thought into this special Outlander-inspired box to salute Season 3! A definite MUST”

Actor Robert Cavanah, Jared Fraser (Jamie’s cousin Season 2)

Pardon us as we swoon!!

Note: WeeBox is shipped during the 1st week of September and typically takes 7-10 workings days to arrive. We cannot guarantee arrival for 10th September Season 3 launch date.

The Scottish Larder

Nothing reminds you more of home than Scottish food! This month, your WeeBox has been curated to help you celebrate the Scottish larder and bring home a little closer.

Scottish food is celebrated all over the world and when we ask our subscribers what they miss most about Scotland – food is always top of the list! From square sausages, to black pudding, tattie scones to proper porridge …. Scots food is the best in the world (well, we are biased!)

To help you cook up a Scottish feast, WeeBox has included the acclaimed ‘Scottish Food Bible‘ written by Lady Claire MacDonald, who is widely regarded as the queen of Scottish cooking. In this book, she explains how to make the most of Scotland’s larder and we hope will inspire you to share some of these beautiful recipes with your family and the next generation. We would love to see your creations too – remember to post and tag us using #wheresweebox

This month’s WeeBox also celebrates that icon Scottish staple – porridge! Made from oats (which are one of the few grains that grow well in Scotland’s climate), Scottish porridge is tasty and nutritious, packed full of fibre, vitamins and minerals. A Highland hero for centuries, oats are the healthy, slow energy-release cereal that we can’t wait to smother with sugar, treacle or cream. The famous Scottish Bard, Robert Burns described it this way…

‘But now the supper crowns their simple board,
The halesome parritch, chief of Scotias’ food.’

WeeBox loves Stoats porridge so have included a ‘porridge pot’ for you to try – brought to you from their Edinburgh kitchen, Stoats boasts 100% natural Scottish oats. They started out in 2005 serving ‘Porridge to the people’ at big summer Scottish music festivals and in 2007, even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest bowl of porridge ever!

And how do you make the finest bowl of porridge?  With a traditional Scottish spurtle of course! The spurtle is surrounded by myth and has existed for centuries. As legend has it, always stir clockwise and always with your right hand ‘Lest you invoke the devil’.  Don’t say WeeBox didn’t warn you! The spurtle really does make a difference. Lots of stirring gives your porridge the perfect creamy texture that will remind you of when you were wee.

Once you’ve finished all that cooking, sit back, relax with a cuppa using your Scottish Larder coaster or mug and have a wee cheeky Tunnock’s treat, brought to you straight from their Uddingston family factory!
So loosen up your sporran, and get cooking!

Happy Hogmanay! How to Celebrate with WeeBox

Celebrate, reminisce and bring in the new year! Hogmanay is the most important date in the Scottish calendar – celebrated like nowhere else on earth.

So, here’s our WeeBox guide to celebrating like a true Scot!

Hogmanay Box

Share Hogmanay with your nearest and dearest – its all about being with the ones you love and having a party to end all parties. Of course, there are a number of traditions to observe and which make it really special and nostalgic as a Scot.

Redding the House: Have a good clean out to ready the house for the New Year! In days gone by, sweeping out the fireplace was very important and there was a skill in reading the ashes, the way some people read tea leaves.

First-footing: This is where the first person to enter the house after midnight – ideally a tall, dark man – brings gifts such as a black bun or coal. First-footing is supposed to affect the household’s fortunes for the coming year, so make sure you have a tall, dark pal to hand! It’s also a great excuse to get round to your neighbours and wish them well (something many now rarely do!)

Singing Auld Lang Syne: at the end of the night, accompanied by the linking of arms and singing with great gusto! Be prepared, even for the second verse (which most people realise they don’t know!) with the words below:

Auld Lang Syne

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
And old lang syne?


For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne,
We’ll take a cup of kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

And surely you’ll buy your pint cup!
And surely I’ll buy mine!
And we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.


We two have run about the slopes,
And picked the daisies fine;
But we’ve wandered many a weary foot,
Since auld lang syne.


We two have paddled in the stream,
From morning sun till dine;
But seas between us broad have roared
Since auld lang syne.


And there’s a hand my trusty friend!
And give me a hand o’ thine!
And we’ll take a right good-will draught,
For auld lang syne.


And, finally eat, drink and be merry this Hogmanay!

All the best for 2017 from WeeBox

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