Fàilte 2020

WeeBox helps you toast 2020, Scotland and of course Robert Burns this January!

With Burns Night on the way and preparations taking place around the world, WeeBox decided to take a nostalgic trip to Burns Country and walk in the footsteps of the Bard!

On the 25th January 1759 Robert Burns was born in a small cottage in Alloway, Scotland.  He would become Scotland’s favourite son and national Bard – his legacy has held strong over the centuries and his memory will be celebrated this month.

From Los Angeles to Singapore and from Canada to Hong Kong – this year, WeeBox is helping Scots-at-heart across the globe celebrate Burns Night …. and we’ve channelled inspiration from our visit to his birthplace, Alloway.

Robert Burns Cottage

The most picturesque village and made famous by Burns, Alloway is pristine, thick with history and a story (or ten!) to tell.  Every inch seemed to nod to the Bard – from the sign posts, street plant pots and street names such as Shanter Way.  We followed in the footsteps of the adventures of Tam o’Shanter, had afternoon tea at the Brigodoon Hotel and popped in to ‘Poets Corner’ coffee shop for a blether and a natter.  

When WeeBox visited, the village was preparing for a host of unique events on and around the 25th January.  One which captured our imagination was an exclusive Burns Supper in Burns Cottage where it all began.  What an unforgettable night it promises to be with piper, toasts, recitations, music and speeches, in the most remarkably preserved thatched cottage.

Why not throw your own Burns Supper?! Your January ‘Fàilte 2020’ WeeBox is curated to help you have a night to remember – so gather your friends and family around for haggis, whisky,  poetry with lots of fun and laughter.  

Selkirk Grace

Some hae meat and canna eat, 

   And some wad eat that want it; 

But we hae meat, and we can eat, 

   Sae let the Lord be thankit.

Slàinte mhath WeeBox Clan and Fàilte 2020!

Happy Hogmanay 2019!

Only one nation can celebrate the New Year, or Hogmanay with such passion – the Scots! It is the BIGGEST party of the year and WeeBox has everything you need to ‘First Foot’ like a real Scot …… wherever you are in the world!   

Celebrate, reminisce and Fàilte 2020! Hogmanay is steeped in tradition – celebrated like nowhere else on earth.  

Its origins are viking – Norse invaders celebrated the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, with wild parties in late December.

So, here’s our WeeBox guide to celebrating like a true Scot!

  1. Share Hogmanay with your nearest and dearest: it’s all about being with the ones you love and having a party to end all parties. 
  2. Redding’ the House:  Have a good clean out to ready the house for the New Year!  In days gone by, sweeping out the fireplace was very important and there was a skill in reading the ashes, the way some people read tea leaves.  
  3. First footing:  it is considered a great honour to be the ‘first foot’! This is where the first person to enter the house after midnight – ideally a tall, dark man – brings gifts such as a black bun, whisky and coal. First footing is supposed to affect the household’s fortunes for the coming year, so make sure you have a tall, dark pal to hand!  It’s also a great excuse to get round to your neighbours and Fàilte 2020!
  4. Singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’: accompanied by the linking of arms and singing with great gusto!  Be prepared, even for the second verse (which most people realise they don’t know!) with the words below:

Auld Lang Syne

First verse: 
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind? 
Should auld acquaintance be forgot, 
and auld lang syne? 

For auld lang syne, my jo, 
for auld lang syne, 
we’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness yet, 
for auld lang syne. 

Second verse: 
And surely ye’ll be your pint-stoup! 
and surely I’ll be mine! 
And we’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness yet, 
for auld lang syne. 


Third verse: 
We twa hae run about the braes, 
and pou’d the gowans fine; 
But we’ve wander’d mony a weary fit, 
sin’ auld lang syne. 


Fourth verse: 
We twa hae paidl’d in the burn, 
frae morning sun till dine; 
But seas between us braid hae roar’d 
sin’ auld lang syne. 


Fifth verse: 
And there’s a hand, 
my trusty fiere! 
and gie’s a hand o’ thine! 
And we’ll tak’ a right gude-willie waught, 
for auld lang syne.

And, finally eat, drink and be merry this Hogmanay … lang may yer lum reek!

Slàinte mhath WeeBox Clan and Fàilte 2020!

Clan Gathering

With ancient origins, Scottish Clans are celebrated across the world and this month WeeBox is brimming with gifts to help you create your own ‘Gathering’ no matter where you are!  So set the scene with gifts to eat, experience and fill your senses, taking you on a journey to glorious Scotland!

Create the ambience of an ancient Highland Gathering 

Light your bonnie candle for a walk through Highland landscapes with the aromatic unity of moss under foot, fresh citrus and greenleaf all inspired by Shearer Candles’ Scottish heritage.

Can you find your Clan Crest?

Ancient Scottish Clans are celebrated the world over and we are proud to bring you this bonnie Glen Appin teatowel, perfect to display in your kitchen or even frame!  

The tribal instinct is as old as mankind. The Scottish Nation, which came together between the 6th and 14th centuries, was to absorb many immigrants in the process of its creation.  Few aspects of Scotland’s fascinating history were as colourful, or as bloody, as the clan system. From ancient origins in the Celtic, Norse or Norman-French traditions, by the 13th century, the clans had grown firm roots in the Highlands of Scotland.

While the term ‘clan’ means family or children in Gaelic, not everyone in the same clan was actually related to each other. The clans lived off the land, with cattle being their main source of wealth and, along with border disputes, the prime cause of inter-clan unrest.

Today, many clans can be traced back to a specific part of Scotland, for example the MacLeods of Skye, the MacNeils of Barra or the MacNabs of St Fillan on Loch Earn. If you have ancestral ties and a clan history in Scotland, a trip to your clan’s homeland is an incomparable and moving experience like no other.

Toast your Clan! Slainte!

“Too much of anything is bad. But too much whisky is never enough” Mark Twain 

What’s a Clan Gathering without our national drink?! This luxury tartan hipflask from Couthie Gifts is perfect for the guid stuff whether you’re rambling in the Highlands or jigging at a ceilidh.

WeeBox HQ love working closely with Craig and his team at Couthie to bring you special wee gifts.  There’s always a hot cuppa and a wee biscuit too when we pop into their showroom to browse their stunning gifts!

Salute World Whisky Month and take a journey through whisky country ….. 

Ever wondered where your favourite wee dram comes from in Scotland?  Did you know May is whisky month? And what better way to salute this, than with the brand new ‘Whisky Pocket Guide’ by expert and founder of World Whisky Day, Blair Bowman.  Blair is an in-demand whisky writer and consultant and has created a this  whisky map which is a wee bit different.  It focuses on flavours instead of regions, concentrating on the tastes and textures of the tipples … braw fun to read!

Scottish artisan oatcakes from the Kingdom of Fife!

We guarantee these are the tastiest oatcakes you will ever have! Hand-rolled, rugged and multi award-winning ‘Your Piece Baking Company’ is famous for Fife oats and ‘Fife Cut’ (classic triangular shape) used by generations of Fife bakers – ideal for serving at your Clan Gathering! 

At Your Piece Baking Company they take their baking very seriously and are proud of Scotland’s culinary heritage (‘piece’ by the way is another word we use in Scotland for ‘sandwich’!!).

All the oats are sourced from farms in North East Fife and they never use any artificial additives or preservatives. The recipes are based on those used by Scottish artisan bakers for centuries. Crafted by hand they create unique, delicious products that are enjoyed all over the world. 

So, finally, light your Highland Collection candle, pour your favourite dram, sit back and dream of Scotland!

Slainte from all at WeeBox HQ!

The Perfect Whisky Tasting Experience

Dreaming of Scotland? This May, WeeBox brings bonnie Scotland closer creating the perfect whisky tasting experience and saluting World Whisky Day. Slainte 🥃!

Whisky has been the muse of many a writer, an escape for many a politician and the inspiration of many a film star.

“Too much of anything is bad. But too much whisky is never enough” Mark Twain 

The ‘definitive glass for whisky’!

Looking for the perfect glass? Look no further than the official Glencairn whisky glass. Years of testing and developing has resulted in perfection.

The Glencairn Glass was created with 5 components in mind to provide you with the perfect whisky drinking experience.   It is recognised as the ‘definitive glass for whisky’ and was awarded The Queens Award for Innovation.

With its gently curved bowl that fits comfortably in the hand, tapered sides rising to a smaller nose-sized aperture and a heavy base that makes it difficult to knock over, the Glencairn has the perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing looks and serious nosing functionality … while also carrying sufficient heft from its crystal glass to feel good in the hand.  The definitive tasting glass of the last decade, this is a modern design classic of its genre.

‘Slainte’ Whisky Wood coaster – perfect fit for your Glencairn glass

Handcrafted from whisky barrels in the Highlands, the wood is infused with whisky fragrance and each piece carries a distinct fingerprint so you can be sure yours in one of a kind.   Whisky Wood’ are great WeeBox friends and source all of their whisky barrels from local distilleries.  They take great care to preserve as much of the character of the whisky barrel staves as possible to make your piece a unique and beautiful addition to your home.

Take a journey through whisky country ….. 

Ever wondered where your favourite wee dram comes from in Scotland? This beautiful Scottish whisky map from ‘Art by the Loch’ was created to be the perfect size for your purple WeeBox.  Your  Scotch Whisky book takes you on a journey of discovery too, not to mention your ‘Lost Distillery’ tasting card to help you navigate your dram.

In the last century, almost one hundred of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries have been closed or destroyed.  This accounts for nearly half of all distilleries that have ever existed in Scotland. Global economic downturn, over-production, world wars and prohibition have all contributed to the loss of so many distilleries. Until now …. The Lost Distillery offers the award winning rebirth of Scotland’s Lost Whisky Legends.   Each of the expressions represent a different distillery with its own unique story and taste profile. 

To celebrate #WorldWhiskyDay, Lost Distillery whisky expert, Ewan has ‘unboxed’ your May Whisky Experience WeeBox – WeeBox HQ is  honoured and watch this space for the braw video!! 

Evoke the scent and spirit of Scotland 

So, finally, light your peat incense on your stone burner, pour your favourite dram, sit back and dream of Scotland


Slainte from all at WeeBox HQ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃


Love Letter to Scotland

Epic Scottish scenery, Highland warriors and a love-triangle with a time travelling twist – it can mean only one thing, Outlander! If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will soon. The books and TV series have been compared to a ‘love letter to Scotland’ and this month WeeBox salutes the premiere of Season 3!

“It has always been forever, for me, Sassenach” Jamie, Outlander
The Outlander-inspired WeeBox has been curated to help you create the perfect experience for watching Season 3 unfold ….

Outlander’s heroine, Claire loves a wee dram and WeeBox is saluting her with a beautiful, handcrafted whisky barrel tea light from Whisky Wood Scotland. So pour yersel a whisky and enjoy Jamie and Claire by candlelight!

Acclaimed ‘Scotland in your Pocket’ artist Kevin Hunter has created an enchanted standing stones painting ‘Callandish Moonlight’ to transport you to the mythical Highlands. To make this even more special, our followers voted the painting hands down their favourite on our social channels – a real favourite with Outlander fans and those who just love the ancient mystery of Scotland.

Here at WeeBox HQ, we love to bring you exclusives – designs you can’t buy anywhere else! This month, we do this with a stunning Outlander-inspired cotton bag. Chic with a romantic twist, you’ll look ‘affa bonny’. Perfect for carrying your essentials around the toon!

“A priest once told me my healing skills are a gift from God.” Claire, Outlander
When WeeBox HQ discovered this small, but beautifully formed Outlander quote book which includes Claire’s mortar & pestle she used to heal the sick – we knew we had to have it for you! Perfect to display and enjoy in your home.

Finally, set the candlelight, sip your dram, turn on Outlander and indulge in an exclusive luxury, handmade Scottish tablet we have created for you! Heart-shaped for Claire and Jamie, and wrapped in Fraser Clan tartan ribbon it bears the romance of ‘da mi basia mille’ (Latin for ‘give me a thousand kisses’ and inscribed inside Claire’s wedding ring). So special and even more scrumptious!

Until next month ……. 💜

Slàinte Sassenachs!

St Andrew’s Day 2016

Celebrate all that is Scottish on Saint Andrew’s Day with WeeBox

Celebrating is what Scots and Scots-at-heart are famous for.  And what better day to celebrate all that is Scottish, than Scotland’s national day, St Andrew’s Day! 

Toast Scotland and rediscover lost distilleries

Think you know Scottish distilleries? Well, in the last century, almost 100 of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries have been closed or destroyed – that’s 1/2 of nearly all distilleries that have ever existed. Many unique and venerable brands have been lost to the world. Until Now!  WeeBox is honoured to include a very special handcrafted whisky for you to discover – inspired by Scotland’s long lost distilleries and supplied by our friends at Lost Distilleries.

What better way to sample Scotland’s lost distilleries than with the Scotland’s traditional cup of friendship. Never heard of a quaich before? Also know as the “Loving Cup” it is a cherished Scottish invention used throughout the centuries to offer a welcoming drink of whisky at clan gatherings and family occasions.  Supplied by quality family run kiltmakers, Geoffrey Tailor, the quaich has two handles which make it ideal for sharing.  What better way to toast St Andrew’s day than with this elegant cup – a symbol of love, sharing, friendship and respect. Slainte! (“Health” in Gaelic).

Did you know in Scots the letter ‘A’ was for ‘aye’ or ‘N’ was for ‘numpty’?  Gie yourself and your family a wee grin with this witty take on the Scottish alphabet – in perfect coaster form, devised and illustrated by our clever friends at Brave Scottish Gifts! The people of Scotland have some of the best humour in the world, so teach your friends some of the best bits – we hope you’ll find it ‘crackin’!

For the morning after…

We have even thought of your wee drouth the next day! Beat the dreaded hangover with this classic Scottish hangover cure – newly launched Irn-Bru XTRA!  Not yet available in the US, we filled our St Andrew’s WeeBox with this unique nectar of the gods, made in Scotland from girders! No Scottish fry up would be complete without irresistible tattie (potato) scones.  We have sourced only the best for this WeeBox – Scottish celebrity chef, Nick Nairn’s handcrafted tattie scones made to his own recipe. And what about a wee slice of toast and marmalade? Thanks to our friends at Pipsqueak Preserves, we bring you this delicious home-made marmalade only available in Scotland.


Teach the next generation about their Scottish roots: Did they know St Andrew was a fisherman? Or that he was a disciple of Jesus? Here are some fast facts to share:

Fast Facts about St Andrew, Patron Saint of Scotland, 30 November

St Andrew’s Day is a day to celebrate Scottish culture, food and dance

St Andrew’s flag is the flag of Scotland, commonly known as The Saltire

St Andrew’s Societies celebrate Scottish culture around the world

St Andrew’s Day is connected with Advent and marks the beginning of Scotland’s winter festivals i.e. Hogmanay and Burns Night

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WeeBox origins


During our travels, we have met friends and relatives throughout the world who have left their beloved Scotland behind to begin a new life elsewhere.  Each time it doesn’t take long to realise that there is always a part of home that stays with you.  Living in Scotland, we see a country constantly changing and developing, and we believe that there’s a huge opportunity to show those living abroad a wee view of home.

The WeeBox concept was borne from a desire to showcase all Scotland has to offer and to bring a wee piece of magic to Scots and Scots-at-heart each month.  We had looked around and no other company was offering this type of service in a way that we knew we would want to receive Scottish mindings.  Hence. WeeBox was born!

There’s nothing better than receiving a wee minding every month, giving you a taste of Scotland.  Our aim each month is to connect you with this glorious land – make you feel proud, surprise you and leave you with a wee grin on your coupon!

We have a host of keen suppliers that can help us do that, and each month we will ensure we curate the best of our country to give to you.

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