WeeBox joins LA’s Scots Stars for the braw Burns Bash!

If ever there is a Burns Supper to be at, this is most definitely the one!

WeeBox was honoured to be part of the annual Burns Bash LA to raise finds for Bafta LA’s Scottish Scholarships which provides financial support to Scottish students studying the creative arts in the US.

The star-studded event to toast the Bard, Robert Burns was held at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica.

Each guest received a specially curated WeeBox brimming with Scottish joy from our braw Scottish Makers! Luxury Scottish Gold Hart candle, SixpennyBlue tablet, The Burns Supper book by leading expert Clark McGinn, Ross’s of Edinburgh rock, Burns gifts from D&C Supplies not to mention a very special consignment of 1901 Irn Bru which WeeBox arranged for guests to enjoy.

The Fairmont Hotel was transformed into a Scottish castle by the inspirational events designer Charley of Bluebell Events for the annual Bash, hosted by Scottish TV presenter, actor and writer Ross King MBE.

A highlight was sitting next to Sam Heughan who debuted his brand new whisky Sassenach Spirit! Sam, star of the hit TV series Outlander gave a riveting rendition of the ‘Address to the Haggis’ a traditional part of any Burns Supper.

The iconic Scottish singer Lulu sang for us, including Auld Lang Syne accompanied by Robert Burns’ fiddle brought all the way by The National Trust for Scotland.  The Selkirk Grace was given by John Reid, Elton John’s manager and of course the wee drams were provided by Sam and Sassenach Spirits.

A night to remember and it‘s safe to say, we gave it laldie!

“The WeeBoxes were the cherry on top of the cake that took the party to another level – thank you so much coming out here and all the effort that you put into making them all perfect” Charley, Bluebell Events

Fàilte 2020

WeeBox helps you toast 2020, Scotland and of course Robert Burns this January!

With Burns Night on the way and preparations taking place around the world, WeeBox decided to take a nostalgic trip to Burns Country and walk in the footsteps of the Bard!

On the 25th January 1759 Robert Burns was born in a small cottage in Alloway, Scotland.  He would become Scotland’s favourite son and national Bard – his legacy has held strong over the centuries and his memory will be celebrated this month.

From Los Angeles to Singapore and from Canada to Hong Kong – this year, WeeBox is helping Scots-at-heart across the globe celebrate Burns Night …. and we’ve channelled inspiration from our visit to his birthplace, Alloway.

Robert Burns Cottage

The most picturesque village and made famous by Burns, Alloway is pristine, thick with history and a story (or ten!) to tell.  Every inch seemed to nod to the Bard – from the sign posts, street plant pots and street names such as Shanter Way.  We followed in the footsteps of the adventures of Tam o’Shanter, had afternoon tea at the Brigodoon Hotel and popped in to ‘Poets Corner’ coffee shop for a blether and a natter.  

When WeeBox visited, the village was preparing for a host of unique events on and around the 25th January.  One which captured our imagination was an exclusive Burns Supper in Burns Cottage where it all began.  What an unforgettable night it promises to be with piper, toasts, recitations, music and speeches, in the most remarkably preserved thatched cottage.

Why not throw your own Burns Supper?! Your January ‘Fàilte 2020’ WeeBox is curated to help you have a night to remember – so gather your friends and family around for haggis, whisky,  poetry with lots of fun and laughter.  

Selkirk Grace

Some hae meat and canna eat, 

   And some wad eat that want it; 

But we hae meat, and we can eat, 

   Sae let the Lord be thankit.

Slàinte mhath WeeBox Clan and Fàilte 2020!

Happy Rabbie Burns Nicht

What day of the year combines haggis, whisky and poetry with lots of fun and laughter? Burns Night of course! There is no better time of the year to toast the bard and glorious Scotland and WeeBox has all you need to host the perfect Burns Supper, wherever you are in the world!

This month, WeeBox was lucky enough to collaborate with the only Centre for Robert Burns Studies in the world (!) to work with their experts to bring you January’s WeeBox!  The Centre was established at the University of Glasgow over10 years ago and it’s mission is the development of research, scholarship and teaching in the area of Robert Burns, editing his work for the 21st century.  Take a peek at our very special ‘unboxing’ video by Dr. Pauline MacKay on our social channels, who expertly brings your WeeBox to life!

The first Burns supper was held in July 1801 when nine of Burns’ close friends got together to mark the fifth anniversary of their friend’s death. Taking place at Burns Cottage in Alloway, the night included haggis, of course, performances of Burns’ work and a speech in honour of the great Bard (now known as the Immortal Memory). The night was such a resounding success they decided to hold it again (this time in honour of Rabbie’s birthday), beginning the tradition we still enjoy to this day.

‘The Burns Supper, a concise history’ book is hot off the press and we have it exclusively for you before anyone else! Clark McGinn is also a PhD graduate of the University and this book comes highly recommended.  Spanning the history of the phenomenon, from the year of its creation in 1801 to the present day, this book offers you everything you need to know about the Burns Supper, and the poet for whom it is held every year. From the origins of the custom to its modern day interpretations, from the rituals and traditions to the fun and fellowship, this first full-length study of the unique annual celebration of Scotland’s national poet answers every question you can think of, along with every one you can’t.

The perfect Burns Supper is all about setting the scene.  So, lay your Scottish table with these bonnie Burns napkins and hang your stunning stained glass window art of the man himself – gie the Bard pride a‘ place!  

Now to the feast – traditional haggis, neeps and tatties are a must! But as we cannae send you the real haggis, enjoy Mackie’s haggis and black pepper crisps! Try to be believed, perfectly ‘paired’ with Talikser (the single malt from the Isle of Skye) with its smokiness – not for the faint of hearts! The Mackie’s Crisps story goes back many years… to when the Taylor family began farming in Perthshire in 1927, to them teaming up with Mackie’s of Scotland in 2009, and beyond.

   Selkirk Grace

Some hae meat and canna eat, 

   And some wad eat that want it; 

But we hae meat, and we can eat, 

   Sae let the Lord be thankit.

Finally, don yer best tartan or kilt and to add a wee special touch with this exclusive Hamilton & Young Edinburgh jeweller’s necklace, bearing the Bard’s famous ‘Auld Lang Syne’ for the sing-song and remember to gie it laldie!

“Happy Rabbie Burns Nicht 2019” from all at WeeBox HQ! 

Romance of Scotland

Anyone who knows Scotland, knows it’s the most romantic place on earth! From the passionate Highlands to the passion of Robert Burns love poems, Scotland is full of romantic places and to salute February, the month of love, WeeBox brings that romance to wherever you are.

My love is like a red, red, rose …
To help you create the perfect romantic atmosphere, WeeBox has teamed up with luxury Gold Hart candles, selecting this very special ‘Wild Rose’ scent. Inspired by the ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ wild rose of Scotland, this royal blended bouquet of velvet petals & rosehip oil is truly indulgent. You may remember their ‘Shore’ scent included in your Isle of Harris WeeBox last year – well, it was so popular that we knew we had to bring you that Gold Hart luxury again.

WeeBox 💜’s Gracie J!
WeeBox HQ met Jackie, the owner and creative behind Gracie J jewellery and we just knew our subscribers would adore her stunning work! You will love to wear or gift this beautifully handmade bracelet straight from the Scottish Borders with purple hues to reflect the ancient Scottish heather that grows there. Just for you, a special discount to WeeBox subscribers also included! Not only will you be supporting a local, Scottish business, but you will love their unique designer pieces.

Which Scottish “Love Badge” did you get?
Do you remember ‘Love Heart’ sweeties as a bairn? Well, WeeBox brings you our own Scottish version by Glasgow designer genius, Lisa Donati! ‘Pure Stoater’*, ‘Ye Dancin’?’*, ‘Awrite Doll’*, ‘Gonnae No Dae That’*, ‘Ye Blether’* … just some of the Scottish phrases for true romantics and some for the less romantic Scots oot there too!! Which one did you get?

100 Scottish Love Poems
The best collection WeeBox HQ could find! Immerse yourself in traditional and modern Scottish verse and be transported to inspiring, romantic Scotland.

A wee breakfast in bed?
What’s more romantic! Exclusive to WeeBox, Pipsqueak Preserves has created a twist on traditional Scottish marmalade by adding a splash of champagne! Handcrafted in Glasgow, create a special breakfast for you or the one you love.

* ‘Pure Stoater’ – someone who is fantastic, excellent, handsome, beautiful. Undiluted joy!
* ‘Ye Dancin’?’ – fancy a wee dance with me?
* ‘Awrite Doll’ – a term of endearment used to talk to a pretty girl / doll face
* ‘Gonnae No Dae That’ – don’t do that! Wee phrase often associated with a sketch in Scottish genius comedy, “Chewin’ the fat” (a must watch!!)
* ‘Ye Blether’ – someone who babbles on, talks nonsense!

100 Favourite Scottish Love Poems

As featured in our February Scottish Romance WeeBox.  Immerse yerself in the best of traditional and modern Scottish verse and be transported to inspiring, romantic Scotland.

Scotland’s Greatest Celebration

Happy Birthday to our national Scottish Bard, Robert Burns!

Scotland and the world celebrate his birthday on the 25th January with whisky, haggis, poetry and song.  This month, WeeBox HQ was honoured to collaborate with the Centre for Robert Burns Studies at the University of Glasgow to bring you a very special Burns WeeBox.  And we have a real treat for you! Here is Dr. Pauline Mackay, Lecturer in Robert Burns Studies, unboxing your Burns WeeBox giving a magical insight into the man, the gifts and how to salute his birthday like a real Scot! Enjoy! #CheerstoRabbie 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥃


Legendary Hogmanay

Only one nation can celebrate the New Year, or Hogmanay with such passion – the Scots! It is the BIGGEST party of the year and WeeBox has everything you need to ‘First Foot’ like a real Scot …… wherever you are in the world!

Hogmanay celebrations are legendary across the globe. So, to help you bring that Scottish magic to wherever you are, WeeBox has curated a box to help you gie it laldie!

The Hogmanay bells have struck midnight, so pass around yer WeeBox ‘Auld Lang Syne’ song sheets and join in the legendary Scottish sing-a-long! Robert Burns, world famous Scottish poet, published his version of this auld Scots song in 1788. Arguably, there can be few songs more frequently sung throughout the world, perhaps only ‘Happy Birthday to you’ exceeds its popularity.

So, what is ‘first footing’? Superstition dating back to Viking days has it, that whoever comes through yer door first on Hogmanay can bring good or bad luck. A tall, dark haired man is very good luck .. but a big, blonde Viking stranger arriving on yer doorstep spelled trouble! ‘First footing’ is still common in Scotland, so don your WeeBox beanie hat, fill your exclusive hipflask with whisky and set off to bring your host the WeeBox bag o’coal (to warm your host’s fire!) and delicious Dalgetty shortbread to toast 2018!

Finally, settle down on Ne’er Day, pour a wee dram and enjoy reading Clan MacScotch & The Angel’s Share to gie ye a grin and forget yer drouth, Happy 2018!

WeeBox wishes you and your kin a Happy Hogmanay and a braw 2018!

The Scottish Larder

Nothing reminds you more of home than Scottish food! This month, your WeeBox has been curated to help you celebrate the Scottish larder and bring home a little closer.

Scottish food is celebrated all over the world and when we ask our subscribers what they miss most about Scotland – food is always top of the list! From square sausages, to black pudding, tattie scones to proper porridge …. Scots food is the best in the world (well, we are biased!)

To help you cook up a Scottish feast, WeeBox has included the acclaimed ‘Scottish Food Bible‘ written by Lady Claire MacDonald, who is widely regarded as the queen of Scottish cooking. In this book, she explains how to make the most of Scotland’s larder and we hope will inspire you to share some of these beautiful recipes with your family and the next generation. We would love to see your creations too – remember to post and tag us using #wheresweebox

This month’s WeeBox also celebrates that icon Scottish staple – porridge! Made from oats (which are one of the few grains that grow well in Scotland’s climate), Scottish porridge is tasty and nutritious, packed full of fibre, vitamins and minerals. A Highland hero for centuries, oats are the healthy, slow energy-release cereal that we can’t wait to smother with sugar, treacle or cream. The famous Scottish Bard, Robert Burns described it this way…

‘But now the supper crowns their simple board,
The halesome parritch, chief of Scotias’ food.’

WeeBox loves Stoats porridge so have included a ‘porridge pot’ for you to try – brought to you from their Edinburgh kitchen, Stoats boasts 100% natural Scottish oats. They started out in 2005 serving ‘Porridge to the people’ at big summer Scottish music festivals and in 2007, even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest bowl of porridge ever!

And how do you make the finest bowl of porridge?  With a traditional Scottish spurtle of course! The spurtle is surrounded by myth and has existed for centuries. As legend has it, always stir clockwise and always with your right hand ‘Lest you invoke the devil’.  Don’t say WeeBox didn’t warn you! The spurtle really does make a difference. Lots of stirring gives your porridge the perfect creamy texture that will remind you of when you were wee.

Once you’ve finished all that cooking, sit back, relax with a cuppa using your Scottish Larder coaster or mug and have a wee cheeky Tunnock’s treat, brought to you straight from their Uddingston family factory!
So loosen up your sporran, and get cooking!

Ae Fond Kiss

Inspired by Shearer Candle’s Scottish heritage, the new Highland Collection is perfect for celebrating ‘gaol’ with a nod to Robert Burns beautiful love song


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