Supporting Small Scotland – No. 1: Scottish Sea Glass

Welcome to the 1st in our ‘Supporting Small Scotland’ Series as part of ‘Lifting the Lid’ on WeeBox!

Supporting our local, Scottish artisans at this time has never been more important! Your support of WeeBox lets us support them! Here’s our 1st in the ‘Support Small Scotland’ series with Gaynor owner of Scottish Sea Glass, featured in the May ‘Outlander-inspired’ WeeBox

“I am so delighted to have my work included in this month’s ‘Outlander-inspired’ WeeBox.

The struggles and beauty captured in the Outlander story, highlights the strength, bravery, determination, authentic nature and proud character of the Scottish people. I feel these are qualities which are captured in the sea glass I collect and use in my work. The sea glass I gather has been broken and beaten down by the Scottish sea over the years. Never-the-less with time, determination, strength and patience it rises to the shoreline no longer beaten or broken…..but with a natural, unique and magical character all of its own. Just like the Scottish clansmen and woman in Outlander, the true beauty of sea glass lies in the history, the struggles and the strength it endured to become the wonderful creation it is today.

In these unique and challenging times we are all experiencing from Scotland to North America and throughout our world, remember this…..
Even the bottle, thrown away, then broken by the forces of the currents and tides, finally returns to us in time as beautifully shaped treasures. Folk then by chance or mindfully see the broken glass’s worth and take pleasure to pause and admire its quiet beauty. The process may be scary and harsh for the bottle – but the results can be wondrous. I hope you stay safe and calm during these times of change and find time to admire the small beauties this world has to offer.” Gaynor

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