Supporting Small Scotland: No. 7 The Wee Book Company

Winner’s of the Scots language award 2020 and beloved producers of the most uplifting Scottish books, The Wee Book Company is one of Scotland’s newest and most exciting book ventures.

We first met back in 2018, the year they incorporated and discovered an immediate connection between The Wee Book Company and WeeBox – both full of Scots fun, energy and with a mission to spread love and positivity!  Susan Cohen the talented director and author behind their words, is an inspiration and a real force of positivity!  We fell in love with her and her books immediately.

This gorgeous wee poem was penned by Susan to salute the WeeBox Clan and our team who work tirelessly to spread Scottish happiness  – we hope you love it as much as we do!

The Wee Book Company has shared their joyous books in some of our previous WeeBoxes, and not to give away too much … but look out for another cracker in our February WeeBox! You won’t want to miss it!

To say ‘thank you’, Susan would also like to offer you an exclusive discount.

Use DISCOUNT CODE: WEEBOX2020 for 20% off across all books on The Wee Book Company website

 (valid until 1st April 2021)

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