Scottish Summer

Here at WeeBox we love our Scottish summer – its our favourite day of the year, as they say! There’s something nostalgic about the 4 seasons in one day that Scottish summer can bring – bucketing, freezin’ or taps aff, this June, WeeBox salutes Scottish summer!

Scotland’s unpredictable weather has become something every Scot holds dear. And if you’re a visitor to our bonny isle then you are sure to have at least 10 conversations a day with locals about the weather! Too hot, too cold, dreich, dry or scorchin’ – we as Scots are never happy with our lot.

In places like Fort William, beneath Scotland’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis, it is more likely than not to be raining! This has given rise to a number of jokes about the weather:
“It only rains twice in Fort William – October to May, and June to September”

“How do the locals predict the weather in Fort William? If you can see Ben Nevis, it’s going to rain. If you can’t see Ben Nevis, it’s raining”

As a child, we all have memories of a wee day out at the Scottish seaside. And whats a trip doon the water without a stick of rock? WeeBox is honoured to showcase a favourite with generations of sweet-toothed Scots, Ross’s of Edinburgh rock! Founded in 1880, Edinburgh Castle Rock was also given as a royal gift by King George VI to his guests at Edinburgh Castle in 1946. We know our subscribers will love it and for those who have lived here, it might bring back a wee bit of home.

In Scotland, we have something in common with the Eskimo in that we have 100 words for different types of weather and 4 seasons before we even get to work! Our wee mindings from Brave Scottish Gifts this month celebrate that and you can share your new found knowledge with friends and relatives!!

We all look forward to Scottish summer …. the rain gets warmer!! Whether its drookit, bucketing and peltin’ doon, the humble umbrella is a Scottish summer essential. And you’ll be dry sporting our Tunnocks teacake umbrella saluting the Scottish family bakers almost as iconic as irn bru, haggis and whisky.

Just in case that ‘big yella hing’ does makes an appearance (uh-erm, the sun!), WeeBox brings you the iconic Tunnocks teacake baseball cap to wear with pride. We cannae wait to see our subscribers sporting their teacake bunnets aboot the toon!

Blooming all over the highlands in summer, legendary Scottish heather is a world-famous symbol of Scotland. It is cloaked in myth and legend. WeeBox wanted to bring the highlands a wee bit closer for our subscribers, so have included heather seeds to plant wherever you are on the world!

Scottish summer-time, WeeBox salutes you and all your glory – and we hope our subscribers all over the world will too!