Love Letter to Scotland

Epic Scottish scenery, Highland warriors and a love-triangle with a time travelling twist – it can mean only one thing, Outlander! If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will soon. The books and TV series have been compared to a ‘love letter to Scotland’ and this month WeeBox salutes the premiere of Season 3!

“It has always been forever, for me, Sassenach” Jamie, Outlander
The Outlander-inspired WeeBox has been curated to help you create the perfect experience for watching Season 3 unfold ….

Outlander’s heroine, Claire loves a wee dram and WeeBox is saluting her with a beautiful, handcrafted whisky barrel tea light from Whisky Wood Scotland. So pour yersel a whisky and enjoy Jamie and Claire by candlelight!

Acclaimed ‘Scotland in your Pocket’ artist Kevin Hunter has created an enchanted standing stones painting ‘Callandish Moonlight’ to transport you to the mythical Highlands. To make this even more special, our followers voted the painting hands down their favourite on our social channels – a real favourite with Outlander fans and those who just love the ancient mystery of Scotland.

Here at WeeBox HQ, we love to bring you exclusives – designs you can’t buy anywhere else! This month, we do this with a stunning Outlander-inspired cotton bag. Chic with a romantic twist, you’ll look ‘affa bonny’. Perfect for carrying your essentials around the toon!

“A priest once told me my healing skills are a gift from God.” Claire, Outlander
When WeeBox HQ discovered this small, but beautifully formed Outlander quote book which includes Claire’s mortar & pestle she used to heal the sick – we knew we had to have it for you! Perfect to display and enjoy in your home.

Finally, set the candlelight, sip your dram, turn on Outlander and indulge in an exclusive luxury, handmade Scottish tablet we have created for you! Heart-shaped for Claire and Jamie, and wrapped in Fraser Clan tartan ribbon it bears the romance of ‘da mi basia mille’ (Latin for ‘give me a thousand kisses’ and inscribed inside Claire’s wedding ring). So special and even more scrumptious!

Until next month ……. 💜

Slàinte Sassenachs!