It’s Top Of The Pops! Gleneagles Hotel Toffee Pops

When it comes to sweet delights the Scottish larder is always full but these Toffee Pops really do take the biscuit to a new level, inspired by pastry gurus from Gleneagles Hotel. We were proud to feature this in our WeeBlether inside the December ‘Hogmanay Hooley’ WeeBox … and the response has been so positive, that we wanted to share here too!

“What makes our Gleneagles version of the Toffee Pop so special is our buttery shortbread base. The recipe for our shortbread was developed by the hotel’s pastry chefs in the 1920s and it’s an honour to be able to celebrate that treasured relic from the hotel’s history every day by continuing to serve it to our guests. While the recipe for our shortbread must remain a top hotel secret, we’ve created a version of it here to make at home.”

Philip Skinazy, executive pastry chef at Gleneagles


For the shortbread

■ 160g unsalted butter ■ 75g caster sugar

■ 230g plain flour

■ 50g rice flour

■1.5g salt


For the caramel

■ 150g caster sugar

■ 150g light brown sugar

■ 125g golden syrup

■ 100g unsalted butter

■ 250ml double cream

■ 2.5g sea salt

■ half a vanilla pod

1. For the shortbread, first chop the butter into rough chunks then add it with the rest of the ingredients to a machine bowl with the paddle attachment.

2. Mix on a slow to medium speed until the mixture forms a smooth dough, then roll to about 5mm thickness and cut 75mm rounds. Bake at 160°C for about 15-20 minutes or until pale golden-brown.

3. For the caramel filling, start by making a dry caramel by placing the caster sugar in a pan on a low to medium heat. Once it has started to caramelise at the edges, gently stir to get rid of any lumps and use a cooking thermometer to boil to 121°C. Be careful as this is extremely hot.

4. Meanwhile, boil the cream, light brown sugar, golden syrup, vanilla and salt together in a separate pan.

5. Now add the butter to the caramel to emulsify and add the cream mixture roughly a quarter at a time.

6. Pour into circular moulds or onto a baking tray covered with parchment paper, then allow to cool, ideally in the fridge. Once cool, cut using a 70mm cutter, then place on top of the baked, cooled shortbread disks.

7. For the chocolate coating, first melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Use the thermometer to heat to 45°C.

8. In a separate pan, gently warm the milk, cream and oil together, then add to the chocolate using a hand blender or whisk to emulsify.

9. Pour the chocolate mixture over the caramel and shortbread to enrobe completely. Place aside to set . . . and, finally, enjoy

Philip Skenazy is executive pastry chef at Gleneagles