Highland Games

This month, WeeBox helps you feel part of the ancient spectacle of the Scottish Highland Games! Dancing, bagpipes, tossing the caber and a warm welcome – the Highland Games embody all that our great nation stands for!

The Games take place every year across Scotland and are a unique mix of sports, culture and community. They usually comprise a programme of field events, piping and Highland dancing competitions and ‘heavy events’ like the tug-o-war, the hammer throw and of course, tossing the caber. WeeBox helps to transport you to all the action with a colourful Highland Games picture book! Steeped in the history and culture of Scotland, these historic Highland Gatherings originate from the 4th century. But which is the biggest and most prestigious of all the Games? The Braemar Gathering holds this title and is held each September and enjoys the annual attendance of the Royal Family.

Did you know that the Highland Games are also known as “féileadh mor” in Gaelic, meaning the ‘big kilt’? So this month, WeeBox thought it only right to bring you a stunning kilt pin courtesy of our great friends at MacGregor & MacDuff! MacGregor and MacDuff are specialist kiltmakers based in Glasgow, Ayrshire and London. If you’re looking to update your kilt outfit before heading to the Highland Games, they offer a wide range of kilt pins, sporrans, sgian dubhs and so much more!  Alternatively, if you’re concerned about mud or dirt, why not invest in a budget 5 yard kilt and ghillie shirt outfit? They’re ideal for casual events and WeeBox can definitely recommend!

Everybody knows that us Scots, and Scots-at-heart abroad love to connect with our heritage and home …. so today, you are as likely to attend a Highland Games in Detroit and Sau Paulo as you are in Dundee and St Andrew’s!! The Games have been picked up across continents with the first Highland Games in the USA happening in New York in 1836. The Caledonian Club of San Francisco held its first Games in 1866 and boasts the oldest continuously running Games in the USA with the St Andrews Society of Detroit hot on its tail. Today, in addition to the Games all across Scotland itself, there are more than 200 annual games and gatherings across the US and Canada, with games also in New Zealand and Australia. If you are attending a Games abroad WeeBox wants to know! Share you pictures with us on Facebook @ScottishWeeBox.

But just in case you’re not….. we have a few more wee mindings to help you celebrate no matter where you are. Our great pals at Brave Scottish Gifts have come up with a cracker …. salute the Scotsman with this brilliant tea towel that includes ‘The Scotsman’ as a universal symbol!! And to bring the Highlands a little closer, we have searched out the ‘Uniquely Scottish Heilan’ Coo’ painted by talented Scottish artist Lesley Simpson. This beautiful print will look stunning framed in your home and will remind you of our ancient Highlands! Of course, if you are attending Highland Games don’t forget to sport your Scottish sense of humour with your Lisa Donati ‘classy lassie’ or ‘up yer kilt’ badge! Which one did you get???

Remember to share your stories with us on our social channels and here’s to saluting our world renowned Highland Games wherever you are!