Heritage is at the heart of friendship with WeeBox

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Amy McCusker, is founder of WeeBox, Scotland’s global subscription box. This month she tells the transatlantic tale of US subscriber Danna Kane and WeeBox maker, Amy Britton.

It never ceases to amaze me that more than five million Americans claim Scottish ancestry.

So many of our global WeeBox Clan subscribers come from the United States and one that we came to love early in our journey was Danna Kane from New Jersey.

We had always loved her social media comments and couldn’t believe it when we got to meet her last year at New York Tartan Week.

As luck would have it, Amy Britton, founder of Britton Scotland was also part of the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce delegation to Tartan Week. Danna and Amy met there too and the rest is transatlantic friendship history.

I have been lucky enough to work with Amy Britton on a number of gifts.

At the heart of Britton Scotland’s ethos lies a commitment to preserving Scottish heritage while embracing sustainable practices. She is an award-winning Scottish-based designer who stands as a beacon of conscientious design.

“Our vision is to create not just products, but lasting legacies that intertwine Scottish tradition with a conscious commitment to the planet,” Amy said.

“From using recycled zips and woven labels derived from plastic bottles to repurposing offshore waste, every element of our production process defines a route to a sustainable future.”

Amy’s passion for heritage textiles was kindled by her grandmother. “My granny encouraged my love of heritage textiles, which has grown over the years,” she explains. “We deliver products that stand the test of time, weaving together tradition and innovation.”

Through WeeBox and a connection forged at New York Tartan Week, Amy’s creations found their way into the hands and hearts of Danna and her family in New Jersey.

“For years, I’ve been dreaming about Scotland all that the beautiful country has to explore,” shares Danna. “WeeBox has been my window into Scottish culture, allowing me to explore its wonders until I can finally visit in person.

“One of the highlights of my WeeBox experience was discovering Amy Britton’s work. Her commitment to using recycled materials and creating timeless pieces resonates deeply with me.

“I personally now have more Amy Britton products than I could count but they truly are some of my favourite bags! “Over the past year between chatting and working together to make custom pieces for my family, we have formed such an amazing friendship.”

Amy responded: “While it’s always nice to see people in person, it’s lovely to have developed a friendship through WeeBox. Danna reminds me of myself in younger years, and I am always here to lend an ear and offer any advice I can.”

For Danna, Amy’s friendship has enriched her love for Scotland and fostered a sense of belonging. Through WeeBox, I found not only a favourite Scottish maker but also a dear friend,” she said.

“I will forever treasure our friendship, which would not have been possible if it weren’t for WeeBox.”

Looking to the future, Amy said: “Continuing to measure and reduce our carbon footprint is paramount, as is expanding our product ranges. But above all, fostering connections with our customers, like Danna, remains at the heart of our mission.”

For Danna, the future holds the promise of finally stepping foot on Scottish soil, embracing the land that has captured her heart from afar. “I look forward to many more years of memories with not only Amy Britton but everyone who makes up the WeeBox Clan,” she says.

“I will forever be grateful for how much Amy McCusker and her WeeBox have enriched my life.”

In a world where borders often divide, I am proud of how WeeBox has contributed to connecting individuals across continents through a shared love for Scotland’s rich heritage.

If you are a Scottish maker and keen to expand your international market please get in touch hello@weebox.co.uk. I’d love to hear your story.

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