Oh, aye, Sassenach get yer Outlander-inspired WeeBox!

We know you love Outlander as much as we do here at WeeBox! That’s why we have curated a very special WeeBox to salute Season 3.  Filled with beautiful Outlander-inspired gifts, this special WeeBox will help you create the perfect experience for watching Season 3 unfold! Watch our Facebook page for more ‘Wee Peeks’ too!


So why not bring the romance of Scotland a little closer – Order your special Outlander-inspired WeeBox TODAY by clicking the thistle button below:

Your WeeBox will be shipped during the 1st week in September and to keep the magic alive, why not make it the first of a WeeBox subscription! Order a 6 or 12 month subscription to keep the magic alive! #nomoreDroughtlander


“I’ve always had a great passion for Scotland and that’s why I love WeeBox. Being part of the Outlander family, I know the WeeBox Clan have put much thought into this special Outlander-inspired box to salute Season 3! A definite MUST”

Actor Robert Cavanah, Jared Fraser (Jamie’s cousin Season 2)

Pardon us as we swoon!!

Note: WeeBox is shipped during the 1st week of September and typically takes 7-10 workings days to arrive. We cannot guarantee arrival for 10th September Season 3 launch date.