Haste ye back!

Scotland. Your beloved Alba is waiting to welcome you back! While it may not be possible to travel here at the moment, we are excited to welcome you back with open arms .. and June’s WeeBox has all you need to dream today, travel later! Where will this WeeBox take you?

‘Haste ye back’ is our warm, Scottish way of saying you are always welcome here.  It is a Scottish song written by Robert Wilson, who was born in 1907.  He was an early presenter of the weekly BBC TV programme ‘The White Heather Club’ which ran from 1958 – 1968. The show featured Scottish songs and dancing and always ended with Andy Stewart and the cast singing, “Haste Ye Back”.

We’ve included the lyrics below so you can have a wee sing song yourself!

“Haste Ye Back”.

Haste ye back, we love you dearly,

call again, you’re welcome here.

May your days be free from sorrow,

and your friends be ever near.

May the path o’er which you wander

be to you a joy each day.

Haste ye back, we love you dearly,

haste ye back on friendship’s way.

Haste ye back, we love you dearly,

call again, you’re welcome here.

May your days be free from sorrow,

and your friends be ever near.

May the path o’er which you wander

be to you a joy each day.

Haste ye back, we love you dearly,

haste ye back on friendship’s way

Listen to Andy Stewart bring Haste ye back to life on our WeeSounds soundtrack 🎶

Can you guess which songs one of our Scottish makers, Brave’s founder and designer, Thomas added to the list this month?? Think Caledonia and ‘Great Cities’!  Thomas has also included an exclusive discount for our WeeBox Clan to accompany he limited edition Caledonia print tucked up inside June’s WeeBox.

Take advantage of our 20% discount on all Brave gifts across their website:

CODE: WEEBOX20 and visit www.bravescottishgifts.com

Over the past year or so, travel restrictions have meant that many of our wonderful WeeBox Clan have not been able to visit our bonnie wee country in what feels like forever. During these times, it has been our pleasure to curate and share wee bits of Scottish happiness with you each month. However, this month we’re pushing the boat out that wee bit further and want to help you really escape to Scotland by sharing the perfect experience to allow you to dream now, travel later. 

Although we haven’t had many visitors recently, the people of Scotland have been working hard to create virtual resources to help you recreate that feeling of being in Scotland from the comfort and safety of your own home and we are so excited to share some of them with you here. 

This resource allows you to travel all over Scotland – from cities such as Edinburgh, to our stunning islands, such as Orkney – thanks to the magic of Google Maps! 

This travel blogger  has put together a number of resources to allow you to explore Scotland’s deep culture and history through links to virtual museums and historic sites. As well as this, included is a list of documentaries about Scotland to prepare you for when we can finally welcome you back. 

Walk through Scotland’s history with these resources  put together by Visit Scotland, taking you from the Bronze and Iron ages, right through to 19th century Fife! 

This wonderful website is a collation of a number of 360° views of various stunning Scottish locations. Pop your earphones in, get June’s WeeSounds playlist on and relax as you immerse yourself in this stunning collection – it’s almost as good as really being there! 

With this collection of resources – and there are many more out there – it’ll feel like no time before you’re packing your suitcase, attaching your Harris Tweed luggage tag and setting off for bonnie Scotland. Don’t forget your map! 

Haste ye back WeeBox Clan! Love Amy and all at WeeBox HQ x

Tartan, tradition, time travel and toast!

Slàinte Mhath from Scottish Keepsakes this May!

“All the sweets of life combine … mirth, music, love and wine” Scottish Toast 

When we approached Carol, founder of Scottish Keepsales to create an exciting and original new gift for our Outlander Inspired WeeBox, she exceeded all our expectations!

She handcrafted a very special piece of Scottish and Outlander history.  Complete with a replica 1700s ‘lucky sixpence’ this bonnie wine charm is perfect for ensuring your glass is always identifiable.  A swatch of Clan Fraser Hunting Weathered tartan attach your very own unique charm, charge your goblet with a dram and drink to your good health – Slàinte Mhath!

Thank you to Carol for a 20% discount on her website. Use CODE: weebox20 and visit www.scottishkeepsakes.co.uk!

We caught up for a wee blether …

Hi Carol, we are very excited about this special gift – what was your inspiration? 

As a passionate Scot and huge Outlander fan, I’ve watched the series (more than once!) and find something new each time that I’d missed previously!

One of the snippets I wasn’t aware of first time round was when Jamie gives Brianna, his daughter, a sixpence coin (a gift from Murtagh) on her Wedding day, and quotes the age-old rhyme:

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

…..and a silver sixpence in her shoe

I immediately made a connection with that, since we design a popular range of lucky sixpences!

I then got to thinking ‘what might a sixpence have looked like in the late 1700s when Brianna & Roger were married?’ And so the seed was sown for this gift idea, and it just evolved from there.

What research did you do?

Having read a few articles online, I found a very old image of an 18th century sixpence coin. I then had a conversation with a local coin dealer who was able to give me some background on the significance of the emblems and markings on the coin. From this combination, I put together a sketch. The manufacturer we use for our lapel pins was then able to make an exact replica of this ancient sixpence coin. 

What have you learned about Outlander or Scottish history during the process?

It has probably reinforced to me just how harsh, cruel, intense and dangerous life was for people living in conflict in Scotland in the 18th Century! The Jacobites were so passionate in their cause and had to be constantly on alert, quick-witted, brave and resourceful! When I visited Culloden Moor, the stillness and feeling of sadness were palpable….

However, the cleverly-written Outlander storyline, wild romance, brilliant characterisations, the beauty of the Scottish landscape, sharp humour (and, of course, time travel!) all make for a thoroughly immersing, enjoyable and uplifting watch…..and did I mention obsessive?? 

What is the significance behind each component of the charm?

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Historically, sixpence coins were given as gift tokens of luck & goodwill and still are today, usually for a Bride on her wedding day.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I’m an avid lover of tartan & tweed (my Aunt was a kilt maker and I wore mine with pride as a youngster)! There are some beautiful fabrics featured in the show. I chose the heavyweight Fraser Hunting Weathered tartan – the unique Outlander tartan made specifically for the show was based on this design. 

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 As any Outlander will know, you need a gemstone to be able to travel through the stones, hence the addition of a little gem to add some intrigue!

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 In these days of careful socialisation, it makes good sense to personalise your glass: these drinks charms do so in a unique and stylish way…..also a great conversational topic at dinner parties to impress your guests! 

Bringing Scotland closer with music is our new obsession here at WeeBox HQ!  Could you share some of your favourite Outlander-related tracks for our May WeeSounds?

Of course!  Here you go:

1.  Fallen through time 

2. Skye boat song.  I used to sing this, amongst others, as a young competitive singer and really love each of the versions in Outlander

3/4. Both of the marriage themes, Jamie & Claire – ‘The Wedding’ and Roger & Brianna – ‘The Handfasting’

5. ‘A Highland lad my love was born’ also known as ‘The ‘White Cockade’ – not from the Outlander soundtrack, but it is pertaining to the Jacobite era and, again, I used to sing this song

You can listen to Carol’s choices and more here:

How do you enjoy working with us and sharing your gifts with the WeeBox Clan?

We’ve known Amy for a few years now and have collaborated on several gift items for the WeeBox Clan.

Amy is an absolute joy to work with and has been very supportive of Scottish Keepsakes. We both share a genuine passion and vision for our Scottish businesses and her enthusiasm is infectious! WeeBox sources fantastic themed gifts for their subscribers and it’s so exciting to know that our products, along with other niche suppliers, are being appreciated by Scots and Scots-at-heart right across the globe. We hope our bond with Amy will continue to bring more Scottish happiness to the WeeBox Clan!

Carol, Scottish Keepsakes  

Love Letter 2 Scotland

For the month of May, WeeBox sweeps you away to the land that inspired Diana Gabaldon’s epic saga, Outlander! Just like Claire, the World War II nurse of Gabaldon’s Outlander books, embark on a journey back in time to 18th century Scotland – the time of the Jacobite risings, standing stones, clans and of course tartan.

Our May ‘Outlander Inspired’ WeeBox brings the essence of ancient Scotland to your home with treasures to wear, taste and smell … however, we cannot guarantee that you will meet Jamie Fraser, the dashing 18th century Scottish Highlander! 

To help you immerse yourself in the mystical world of Outlander’s Scotland (especially while travel restrictions are still in place)  we have curated a treasure trove of virtual experiences and a WeeSounds soundtrack to put you right in the middle of Jamie and Claire’s Scotland. 

Throughout the Outlander series, this Scottish love story takes us on a journey across the world but as we know, it all began here in Scotland. Starting with this video of Outlander Filming Locations in Scotland, you can see the background for so many iconic scenes in their full glory, some of them you might even have visited yourself!

The beginning of Jamie and Claire’s epic love story was immeasurably shaped by the Battle of Culloden, and this virtual visit of the battleground really brings it to life and lets us imagine we’re right there fighting next to Jamie and his clan. Not only is this an immersive experience from home, it’s also narrated by none other than Graham McTavish (Scottish actor and author who plays Dougal Mackenzie in Outlander.)

Want to discover more of Scotland?  Here, this website  is home to many more virtual tours of iconic Scottish locations – many of which feature in Outlander.  Since season 1 of Outlander, fans have flocked to our shores to visit the country that inspired it.  The ‘Outlander Effect’ is responsible for a huge surge in tourism and a growing industry around the hit TV series locations.

During the pandemic, Scottish tourism has suffered a great deal but as Jamie Fraser undoubtedly proves, Scots are nothing if not resilient. As you know, we’re all about giving back to Scotland and supporting small Scottish businesses and we’ve found some tour guides who have moved their tour online, allowing those waiting patiently to visit Scotland the chance to experience the Scottish Outlander magic from the safety of your own home. Here are just a few, be sure to have a wee look!




Let us take you on an Outlander journey. Immerse yourself in Jamie and Claire’s world with this month’s WeeSounds soundtrack. The perfect way to enjoy your May ‘Outlander Inspired’ WeeBox gifts!

The Unicorn of Scotland

Since the early clans of the 12th century, Scotland’s traditions have been woven into the fabric of our culture with customs still practised today. Close to a thousand years of rich heritage remains alive and as part of this, we celebrate our national animal, the unicorn! From the legend of the Unicorn of Scotland to love and courtship, this WeeBox brings Scotland’s traditions to life.

To a country as bold, fierce and proud as Scotland, one that was fighting for its independence from ‘oppressors’ this was the perfect choice as the ‘national animal’ that would appear on heraldic symbols. 

Celtic mythology believed unicorns to represent innocence and purity whilst also being associated with chivalry, pride and boldness.

Fun Fact: We celebrate National Unicorn Day on the 9th April each year

Why is the unicorn chained?

The golden chain is always depicted on the unicorn, representing Scotland in the coat of arms, which is often seen passing around its neck and wrapping all around its body. 

It is believed that this symbolised the strength of the Scottish kings – only they were powerful enough to tame the bold creature.

Go unicorn spotting in Scotland!

Today in Scotland, ’aon-adharcach’ – the unicorn (Scots Gaelic) has left a lasting imprint on our country, from historic buildings to iconic statues.

Where will you go unicorn spotting? 

Here our top 3 favourite places:

The Kings Fountain at Linlithgow Palace: The birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots and once a glorious Renaissance palace.

High upon the Great Hall at Stirling Castle: One of Scotland’s most historically important sites, where you’ll also spot the beautiful Mystic Hunt of the Unicorn tapestry

A Holyroodhouse gatepost: the official residence of the Queen in Scotland.

WeeSounds of the Unicorn of Scotland

Check out our WeeSounds Spotify Profile to celebrate our national animal today!


Indulgent Highland Kitchen

The Scottish Brunch Blether

Breakfast is a meal, but brunch is a culture

Picture relaxed, mouth watering small plates of Scottish delicacies, your favourite whisky cocktail in hand, an uplifting Scottish soundtrack and surrounded by friends!  In recent years, the concept of brunch has become more popular in Scotland – another opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family and to sample our rich natural larder of food.

This month, we are proud to bring you the ‘Indulgent Highland Kitchen’ WeeBox, with a real Scottish twist on creating the perfect Scottish brunch experience at home, wherever you are in the world.  

A time when food is more relaxed and time is more generous.

Read on in this month’s blether to transport yourself to Scotland for your next, lazy weekend brunch …

Set the scene:

Prepare your table – the centrepiece for your Scottish brunch experience.  Think tartan tablecloths, tweed runners, foliage and sprigs of heather peppered with candles and mismatched vintage crockery.  We like to indulge with our favourite crystal glasses (handed down from Granny!) to fill with a brunch Scottish cocktail or two!  A boozy brunch, or just with a cuppa, we recommend having a relaxed atmosphere – even just throw a tartan blanket on the grass or over your kitchen table.

Bring everyone together and set the ambience with some ‘WeeSounds’.  We teamed up with Blair, founder of Maccessori and makers of your March Harris Tweed keyring, to curated the perfect soundtrack to let your imagination flow, transporting you to Scotland.  You may recognise a few favourites or perhaps discover something new.

Getting dressed up is part of the fun.  Think ‘slow fashion’ – relaxed, oversized knitted jumpers, a touch of timeless tweed, comfy ankle boots and a cosy tartan scarf .  Finalise your look with statement Scottish jewellery – perhaps a chunky Orkney designed necklace or oversized Celtic brooch, you’ll look the part while sipping your Whisky Highball!

Eating and drinking wants but a beginning

As life continues in this new normal, one of the things keeping us going is home cooking and experimenting with new ingredients.  The Scottish Brunch Bible featured inside your March WeeBox helps you create a fun focal point with tempting small plates and interesting combinations to take your taste buds on a culinary journey. 

Here are some of our favourites : 

Herring in oatmeal with creamy scrambled eggs 

Incorporating some breakfast classics, this recipe is a hearty Scottish meal to warm the cockles of your heart.  Using a classic Scottish ingredient, herring – or ‘silver darlings’ as they are referred to in Scotland.

Pancetta scallops with Caesar salad bruschetta 

Using another Scottish seafood favourite, this recipe is a take on a classic Caesar salad, sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Cranachan smoothie 

The iconic Scottish desert meets brunch!  A genius twist on a traditional classic perfect to be enjoyed with friends.

Whisky is liquid sunshine

A boozy brunch is sometimes just what the doctor ordered!  Your Scottish Brunch Bible includes some show stopping cocktails to add a wee bit extra to your Scottish brunch.  Here are two of our WeeBox HQ favourites:

Whisky Highball 

A fresh and zesty way to kick off a boozy brunch, this cocktail mixes together whisky, lemon a mint to make a cocktail sure to get the party started!

The Horse’s Neck 

We love this name! With notes of ginger and lemon, this is a refreshing cocktail to be leisurely sipped all afternoon.

Dream now, visit later!

Take a peek at some of our favourite brunch spots waiting for you across Scotland 

Supporting Small Scotland: No.9 Maccessori

We are proud to bring you the next installment of ‘Support Small Scotland’ shining a light on Maccessori and its founder, Blair.  Your March WeeBox showcases one of Blair’s beautiful Harris Tweed pieces, and an exclusive discount – we hope you will love it as much as we do!

USE DISCOUNT CODE: MAC20G for 20% off all Maccessori tweed essentials at www.maccessori.com

We caught up with Blair to hear more:

How did Maccessori come about?

Combining my passion for Harris Tweed and product design I founded Maccessori in 2009.

It all started when my Mum had purchased some Harris Tweed to make cushions. With some spare offcuts left over she made a phone sleeve for my Dad. After speaking with a local textile manufacturer our first product was launched in 2009, the Harris Tweed iPhone Sleeve. 

It wasn’t long before we had introduced wallets, purses, bags and soft luggage to our collection and my idea and passion had turned into a business. 

Which Scottish brands have you worked with?

As a proud Scottish business we have had the privilege of working with some of Scotland’s biggest brands producing private label products and collaborating with the likes of Hendricks Gin, Bowmore Whisky, Glenfiddich Whisky, Outlander TV Series, Laphroaig Whisky and The Scottish Rugby Union. 

What inspired you to develop the Scottie Dog keyring our Clan will receive in their March WeeBox?

We are delighted to now be working with WeeBox and engaging with all their customers. We have developed a Scotty Dog Keyring which is hand stitched and made from genuine Harris Tweed. 

Scotland has always been my passion and I enjoy getting out on the mountains whenever I can. The majestic landscape offers a great canvas to create Harris Tweed designs and you can see the colours from around Scotland in each of the Tweeds we create. 

The Tweed we have picked for the Scotty Dog comes from a sunset over Torridon on the Western Coast of Scotland. These pastel colours work seamlessly in the tweed and brighten my day every time I look at them. 

I am incredibly proud to work with Harris Tweed, a truly iconic Scottish cloth. It has always been my passion to create products and I feel fortunate that I can combine my passions and call it work. 

Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed is a hand woven and hand dyed cloth that can be woven only in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. As one of the most famous cloths in the world it is the only material that is protected by its own act of parliament, The Harris Tweed Authority.

The raw material of the Harris Tweed weaver is woollen yarn made entirely from 100% pure new wool in accordance with Harris Tweed Act of 1993.

At the present time almost all of the yarn is processed at the Harris Tweed Mills on the island.

The woollen cloth known as Harris Tweed has always been woven and dyed by hand in the Western Isles of Scotland. Originally this handmade fabric was woven by crofters for familial use, ideal for protection against the colder climate in the North of Scotland, in more modern times the material is woven for a wide range of uses including fashion and interiors.

Scottish Romance

This Valentine’s Day, bring a wee bit of Scottish romance home!

Consistently voted the romantic place on earth, fall in love with Scotland with our WeeSounds playlist – the perfect soundtrack to your Valentine’s Day wherever you are in the world.

Delve in here WeeBox Clan 💜🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🔥

“Alba, tha gaol agam ort agus bithidh gu brath”

”Scotland, I love you and I always will”

The WeeBox Clan Big Burns Night In

Settle in WeeBox Clan, we have all you need to bring Scotland’s greatest celebration to your home!

On January 25th 1759, Robert Burns was born in Alloway, a small town in South Ayrshire, Scotland.  He would go on to become Scotland’s national poet.  So beloved, that over 200 years later, he is still celebrated on his birthday across the globe – now more than ever!

It is a time to revel in all that is Scottish, recite Burns poetry and come together to eat, drink and of course be merry! 2021 will be very different, but here at WeeBox we never want you to miss an opportunity to enjoy Scottish happiness so have created a guide and ‘ye are well bidden* tae oor Big Burns Night In’! (*invited)

The Immortal Memory, a wee bit o’history

“Perhaps it may turn out a sang,  Perhaps turn out a sermon” Burns

The first official Burns Supper was actually in July, the date of the Bard’s death when the poet’s friends came together to celebrate his life, with the intention ‘to offer tribute to the memory of a departed genius’. From this, the tradition of holding the Burns Supper on January 25th began in 1803.  It didn’t take long for the celebration to extend beyond Scotland, reaching the US and Canada by 1820.  

Today, the Burns Supper still has Rabbie at its core but many take the opportunity to celebrate all that is glorious about Scottish culture and tradition – while having lots of laughs.

Create your own Brigadoon!

“From scenes like these old Scotia’s grandeur springs” Burns

Setting the scene at home is half the fun!  Try creating lots of ambience with candlelight, tartan, thistle and red rose centrepieces and of course a well laid table brimming over with a Scottish feast.  

Your bonnie wee ceramic bothy inside the January WeeBox is the perfect addition to your table.  Pop in a tealight and let it cast its warm glow on your Burns table.  To welcome guests, hang your January WeeBox ‘Welcome to the Herd’ highland cow sign at your front door – sure to bring a smile!

Music, poetry and piping are the most important ingredients to your Big Burns Night In, so to make this as easy as possible, we have created the perfect playlist to complement the running order of your Burns Supper (see further below this blether).

Now, what to wear?  Don your best tartan or tweed and for the laddies … a kilt of course! 

Whichever outfit you choose, Scottish jewellery accents are the finishing touch.  The perfect piece  will be your bonnie handmade Glencoe necklace by Scottish designer Gracie J featured in your January WeeBox.

The Chief of Scotia’s food, your Bill o’Fare

“Great Cheiftan o’ the pudding race”

Savouring Scotland’s excellent food and drink is one of the highlights of the Burns Supper.  

It is customary to serve three courses and here are our suggestions for inspiration.

Scottish Starters 

Cullen Skink – the most indulgent warm chowder

Smoked salmon with dill and oatcakes

The Haggis!

“The king of food, a glorious Haggis” Burns

The haggis is the main event at a Burns Supper – if you can catch one that is!  We would never attempt to make one from scratch, so definitely recommend buying your haggis (the best quality you can)Serve with neeps and tatties (mashed turnips and mashed potato), the buttery the better and our favourite, whisky cream sauce 

Pudding and Cheese Board

Cranachan – a Scottish favourite, this is toasted oats doused in whisky with raspberries, honey and whipped cream

Rustle up your favourite cheeses (of course all the better if Scottish!) with oatcakes and a touch of quince. Often described on Scottish menus as ‘kebbuck an’bannocks’ 

Either of these can be topped with your exclusive Ross’s ‘Tae a Moose’ sugar mice for sparkle and fun, featured inside January’s WeeBox.

Now to the whisky! 

“Freedom and Whisky gang thegither” Burns

A Burns Supper must be one that the great man himself would have enjoyed, so a dram or two is a must!  Alternatively, a non-alcoholic option could be a wee glass of our other national drink, IRN-BRU.

The WeeBox Clan Big Burns Night In Soundtrack and Running Order

“Hale be your heart, hale be your fiddle” Burns

Unlike other dinners, there is a traditional ‘running order’ to the Burns Supper.  You can have fun enlisting family members to take the lead on different parts.  

Here is our ‘simplified’ guide to having your Burns Supper at hame* (*home) accompanied by your WeeBox Spotify playlist bursting with piping, poetry and song:

Piping in the Table and Welcome:  For your celebration at home, the Spotify playlist kicks off with piping music to pipe you and your guests to the table.  Once seated, and you have welcomed your guests, play the next few atmospheric songs as drinks and chatter are enjoyed.  

The Selkirk Grace:  Essentially this is ‘grace before meals’ and is recited next for you on the Spotify playlist

Scottish Starter:  While you enjoy your starter, play the next song

Pipe in the Haggis:  Piping music has been included here while you proudly bring in your haggis “great cheiftan of the pudding race”

Address to a Haggis – Andy Stewart give a lively recital for you next

Music and Entertainment:  Here play the next few songs which celebrate Burns poetry and music.  You and your guests could also recite favourites from your ‘Burns for Every Day of the Year’ book exclusively inside your January WeeBox

Ceilidh Dancing:  Why not enjoy a wee dance with the Dashing White Sergeant 

Auld Lang Syne:  Finally end your Burns Supper with a resounding rendition of Flower of Scotland and Auld Lang Syne (perhaps Burns’ most famous contribution to the world!)

Remember you can get your exclusive WeeBox 20% discount on the hardback ‘Burns for Every Day of the Year’ below:




Slàinte mhath our amazing WeeBox Clan. We will be toasting you and hope you thoroughly enjoy your WeeBox Clan Big Burns Night In!

Did you miss out on the January WeeBox with all of these bonnie gifts?

Never fear, we have released a limited number for you here:

Burns Night Celebration WeeBox

Supporting Small Scotland: No.8 Gracie J

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to ‘shop small’? We really hope so! 

Buying from real people makes all the difference, especially in the world that we are living in at the moment.

We are proud to bring you the next in the series of ‘Support Small Scotland’ shining a light on Scottish jewellery maker Gracie J and its founder, Jackie.

Your January WeeBox showcases one of Jackie’s beautiful pieces inspired by Glencoe and we know you are going to adore it.  A bespoke piece especially designed for our WeeBox Clan, this hand-crafted necklace in sterling silver depicts the magical and mystical landscape of Glencoe.

If you love this Glencoe necklace, then why not treat yourself to the matching earrings (read on too for your exclusive 15% discount!) https://graciej.co.uk/product/glencoe-earrings/ 

A wee bit about Jackie

“I’m Jackie Selcraig, owner and designer of Gracie J, and I make jewellery from my home-based studio in the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders. My husband and I moved here from Edinburgh over 20 years ago. It’s really beautiful and I constantly find inspiration from the landscape that surrounds me when I’m out walking our two dogs. 

I’ve been a creative dabbler all my life.

I’m self-taught and love the freedom of experimenting with different materials and jewellery designs without rules or without any clear idea of what the end result might be.  After ‘dabbling’ for most of my life, in 2006, Gracie J came into being and I’ve never really looked back. 

I started out making unusual pieces using ceramic beads and leather. At the time, there were very few people using leather and I came up with a special button fastening to avoid the use of metal components. This gave the jewellery a clean, simple finish. I still use this in my designs to this day.

I like to appeal to many people so I have a few distinct jewellery ranges. I love using colourful ceramic beads which have become firm favourites over the years. More recently I moved towards creating a monochrome range using silver pieces with texture and oxidisation. My ‘Scottish Skies’ sterling silver and leather collection is a celebration of the unique words we use in Scotland to describe the weather – Gloaming, Smirr, Haar and Snell – transferred onto silver. All these pieces are classically elegant and so easy to wear.  You can see them all on my website. Also my jewellery is sold in many shops around Scotland and the UK. 

My introduction to WeeBox  

I first met Amy from WeeBox about 4 years ago. She’d recently launched this fantastic concept and she approached me to see if I’d be interested in making a piece for one of her boxes the following year. I was very taken with her passion for all things ‘Scotland’ and loved that she wanted to share the abundant Scottish creativity and talent with the world! I was thrilled to be part of this exciting new venture and one of my pieces was included in the February 2018 WeeBox. Roll forward a couple of years and another invitation to include a piece of my jewellery in one of the future, by now extremely popular, WeeBoxes. 

This time, I wanted to create a bespoke piece – something especially for her WeeBox Clan. Amy had mentioned that there were many ‘Outlander’ fans amongst the Clan so I decided to make my focus the Scottish Highlands and Glencoe to be precise. Coincidentally, my cousin played a small role in the first ‘Outlander’ season (Willie, for those that are interested) so the connection was there. Here’s a picture of him holding my ‘Glencoe’ necklace:

Having to create thousands of these tiny landscapes was no small undertaking so I enlisted the help of a few very special people. My Mum and Dad, my husband and Laura, who happens to live next door. We were the perfect team and I couldn’t have done it without them!

Each small pendant has been hand-etched and finished so no two are the same. Mum calls them “little masterpieces” and I hope you’ll appreciate the uniqueness of your very own Glencoe Necklace, and the love and care that has gone into making each one a little work of art.” Jackie 

To say ‘thank you’, Jackie would also like to offer you an exclusive discount.

Use DISCOUNT CODE: WEEBOX15 for 15% off their whole range of jewellery including Scottish Skies


(Valid through end of February 2021)

✨You can support Jackie by following and liking Gracie J ✨

📣Facebook: @mygraciej

📣Instagram: @graciejsilver 

🛍 Visit her online shop: www.graciej.co.uk

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